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What types of water activities are there in Punta Cana?

Let’s make a splash in Punta Cana with water activities that will leave you soaking in good times and great memories! After all, your Dominican vacation will make it hard not to want to get in the water, given that the splendorous Caribbean Sea will be showing off its beauty from your resort. No doubt, the turquoise colors of the water will constantly invite you to get away from your seaside lounging chair to experience every marine and outdoor adventure available.

The best way to get out there and explore the water is by taking a catamaran to traverse the eastern Dominican coast, absorbing all the breathtaking sights while the open sea surrounds you. Feel the ocean breeze and jump right in at a can’t-miss place like Marinarium, where gentle nurse sharks and stingrays await to make your acquaintance.

Explore the Dominican coral reef during a snorkeling adventure unlike any other, in which you’ll swim next to colorful coral formations and a plethora of fish zooming by. You can also add a bit of excitement to your Punta Cana water activities by taking a speed boat and darting through the Caribbean Sea, before trying out Snuba — a mix between snorkeling and scuba — to get even closer to the barrier reef.

Adults vacationing in Punta Cana can also have an amazing time with water activities best suited for grown-up tastes. Imagine losing every care in the world with an ocean spa aboard a modern catamaran, getting a massage from a professional, and even lying back on a floating mattress, letting the gentle waves give an additional rubdown to every muscle in your body. Or how about partying it up on a boat during happy hour, right before the sun goes down. Enjoy plenty of dancing and music as you get in the clear water, and sip back on nice, cold drinks from a floating bar.

Are you ready to try out the best water activities available near the Punta Cana area? Here are some good suggestions from local destination experts:

Recommended excursions

Saona Island VIP

Experience a luxury cruise toward the pristine Saona Island for an unforgettable adventure that gives you the VIP treatment you deserve. Enjoy must-do Punta Cana water activities such as snorkeling, swimming in a natural pool where you can find starfish, relaxing with an open bar and enjoying lunch on the white sands of a Saona Island beach.



Explore the eastern Dominican coast on a catamaran departing from Punta Cana so you can enjoy water activities such as swimming and snorkeling with friendly nurse sharks, stingrays and a diversity of colorful fish. The Marinarium adventure also allows you to relax in a natural pool and to sip back drinks from the catamaran’s open bar.

Group of people snorkeling in the Marinarium experience at Punta Cana

Happy Hour

Sail away on the Punta Cana coastline for the adults-only Happy Hour cruise. Unwind during an inspiring sailing escapade to experience the sights and sounds of the Caribbean Sea before the sun sets. Jump in for snorkeling and enjoy dancing as you sip back a tasty drink from the floating bar for one of the most chill Punta Cana water activities.


Ocean Spa

Spend the day at the spa while you take an adults-only cruise along the Punta Cana coast. Enjoy a water massage by simply lying back on floating mattresses in the sea, and even get your feet exfoliated by tiny fish. Bio pilates classes and sublime massages are also part of your spa-cial day.

Ocean Spa

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