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What to do with the family in Punta Cana?

The best adventures are the ones you share with family, and when you vacation in the Dominican Republic, you’ll find a rich variety of family activities in Punta Cana. The resort town is right next to the majestically blue Caribbean Sea, and as such, there’s a plethora of water activities to try such as sailing, snorkeling, and relaxing on perfect white-sand beaches.

Children in particular should look forward to exploring Punta Cana, and perhaps there's no better place than a monkey reserve in the middle of the jungle called Monkey Land. Enjoy interacting with a multitude of monkeys in this 5-acre sanctuary that's as family-friendly as they come. Or for more encounters with the fauna of the Dominican Republic, the whole family can enjoy a memorable dolphin swim for a perfect water adventure where you can make friends with the smartest sea mammals around.

The kids can also enjoy simply being surrounded by nature, getting away from civilization, and experiencing the rural life of the Dominican countryside. They can explore the verdant setting where coffee and chocolate come from, with both a safari truck ride and a nice horse riding escapade.

For even more exciting family activities in the Punta Cana area, how about checking out Scape Park, a magical place in the wilderness where everyone can try out zip lining, biking, and swimming. Or you can get away completely from your resort and explore the breathtaking Caribbean aboard a catamaran, for an exciting jaunt that includes swimming, snorkeling and even dancing during the cruise. And for culturally-minded families, you simply must go to the capital of the Dominican Republic for a tour of Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas and a bastion of Old World architecture that dates back to the times of Christopher Columbus.

Are you ready to try out the best family activities in Punta Cana?

Recommended excursions

Monkey Land

For the family that wants to monkey around a bit during their Punta Cana vacation, check out this 5-acre natural reserve that’s home to hundreds of friendly monkeys waiting to interact with you. Also, you can try out some locally-grown coffee and cocoa as a bonus of this perfect family activity in Punta Cana.


Santo Domingo city tour

Explore Santo Domingo with your family and take a guided tour through the first city settled in the Americas by the Spanish conquerors in 1496. Visit architectural jewels such as Christopher Columbus' family fortress and the cathedral, which is the oldest church in the content.

Santo Domingo City Tour

Scape Park full day

At this must-visit park in the Punta Cana area, choose from several activities such as zip lining, biking, swimming in a freshwater sinkhole, or even exploring a magical cave. This park offers a perfect blend between adventure and total relaxation, perfect for the whole family.

Group of friends in the caverns of the Punta Cana Scape Park

Dolphin Explorer

Enjoy a family encounter with Punta Cana’s friendly dolphins during one of the most memorable swims you’ve ever had. Get in shallow water to shake hands, give a hug and even get a sweet kiss from your new dolphin friends. They can also perform tricks to totally amaze everyone in the family!


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