What to do in Cancun?

There are many reasons why Cancun stands out as one the most important travel destinations in the world. With so many things to do in Cancun, it’s definitely a traveler’s paradise. The destination offers warm turquoise waters, beaches with soft white sand, jungle adventures in the Cancun area a short distance away, nightlife activities not found anywhere else, and all-inclusive resorts offering world-class service. All of this has earned the area its spot as one of the most popular places to travel. With so many options, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in a vacation — from culture, to thrills to relaxation. But where should you start? First, decide what kind of vacation you’re looking to have. Additionally, take a look at these suggestions for Cancun private experiences and enjoy a journey just for you and your loved ones.

For some water activities in Cancun, take the plunge into the Caribbean Sea with your snorkel gear and discover the colorful sea life that lives in the Mesoamerican Reef System, considered the second largest in the world. One of the best ways to see the splendor of the blue Caribbean is aboard a catamaran as you make your way to the beautiful Isla Mujeres, a charming Caribbean island with the flavor and charm that can only be found in Mexico. The best view of the sea is aboard a boat.

Sailing to Isla Mujeres is an ideal family activity in Cancun. This island is a perfect place to take it easy as you soak in the sun and the good Caribbean vibes. If you’re more of an adrenaline seeker, head to the sky for a thrilling zip line ride above the Mayan jungle treetops. Take advantage of the different terrains of the zone and make it your playground by combining a full day of Mayan ruins, jungle exploration and beach rest. 

Complete your visit to the Caribbean with cultural activities and a visit to the Mayan archaeological sites. Visit the awe-striking Chichen Itza to discover why it's considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Take in the beauty of Tulum, the only Mayan city built next to the sea, and head down the stairs from this archaeological complex to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and one of the main reasons people travel to Cancun.

You can’t leave the Mexican Caribbean without visiting the famous cenotes, natural sinkholes full of refreshing water. The area’s cenotes used to be sacred to the Mayan people, offering a look into some of nature's most amazing marvels. You can discover the different types of cenotes in one day filled with adventure on the guided Xenotes tour in Cancun.

Below are some of the best things to do in Cancun, as recommended by the experts, along with excellent transfer options from Cancun Airport to prepare you for a dream vacation:


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Recommended Tours and Experiences in Cancun




Travel in comfort to the ancient city of Chichen Itza, one of the most important Mayan kingdoms and home to the impressive Temple of Kukulcan. Then enjoy a meal that harnesses the flavors of the Yucatan peninsula at a local restaurant before swimming in the 85-foot deep Ik Kil cenote (freshwater sinkhole).

Tulum Xel-Ha

Visit the only Mayan ruins next to the gorgeously turquoise Caribbean Sea at Tulum, with the help of a friendly guide. Follow that up with the hidden wonder of Xel-Ha, an all-inclusive experience in the world’s largest natural aquarium. A must-do for people travelling to Cancun!

Full Day Isla Mujeres

Sail along the breathtaking Caribbean from Cancun to the quaint and colorful island of Isla Mujeres, but not without delighting in inspiring snorkeling in the colorful Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Food and fun are part of this unforgettable sailing experience and a must-do while you visit Cancun.

Jungle Tour

Zip right through Cancun’s Nichupte Lagoon on your very own speedboat and feel the wind in your face as you make it past mangroves and other vegetation around this wonderful ecosystem. Then jump right in with your snorkel gear and swim next to colorful sea life. This will make you trip to Cancun memorable. 

Mayan Eco Adventure

Travel deep into the Mayan jungle and walk through the mesmerizing Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that protects a diversity of life. Swim in its stunning teal lagoon and even visit an ancient Mayan site. While you take your tour with experienced guides that will answer every question you get during the tour.


Go on the most complete cenotes tour in Riviera Maya (freshwater sinkholes) that make the Yucatan Peninsula so attractive to water aficionados. Discover four of the most incredible cenotes and have the time of your life with activities such as zip line jumping, snorkeling and kayaking on the clear waters.

Luxury Sunset Sailing

Watch the sun setting over the Caribbean Sea while both the water and sky change colors during this amazing luxury sailing excursion. Enjoy light snacks, some amazing views and open bar drinks as you simply relax and let the ocean breeze cast its spell on you and all your loved ones.

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