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Cancun family-friendly activites: fun for all ages!

Although many travelers think a family vacation in Cancun means simply relaxing on the beach or by the pool, enjoying the sun, and eating delicious food, Cancun has many family activities to offer with great options, especially kid-friendly excursions. Warm waters, colorful sea life, jungle exploration, white-sand beaches, and world-class resorts are part of what makes Cancun a great destination for family travel.

With activities for all ages and tastes, a tropical climate that is the envy of many destinations, plus beautiful landscapes all around, this Caribbean destination is an excellent choice for family vacations. From small families with younger children to all grown-up large families, everyone can have an unforgettable vacation full of relaxation or action — or a combination of both!

The colorful sea life awaits families who want to take the plunge with a snorkeling tour, a new experience that could be great for kids to discover something new, like the second-largest reef system. With such diverse settings, family activities in Cancun abound. From simply chilling by the sea and playing in the sand to heading out to explore the reefs, or swimming in the cenotes (freshwater sinkholes), Cancun is a paradise for water lovers of all ages.

Swimming with dolphins in Cancun can be an extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime activity for children and adults alike, especially for the younger kids who can’t wait to interact with these incredible marine mammals.

This Caribbean haven is also home to several all-inclusive water parks where the family can spend an amazing day of discovery and fun, one of them being the all-inclusive Xel-Ha, the largest natural aquarium in the world. Or take in the beauty of Mexico’s culture with a visit to family-friendly Xcaret, an eco-park that combines the best of nature and culture in one full-day excursion.

For families who wish to have more of a thrill, the sky is not the limit with an excursion to explore the canopy with a thrilling zip line ride above the Mayan jungle treetops. Even for smaller children, the zip line excursions can be a great way to explore a new and fun, kid-friendly activity. For older children and families seeking more of a thrill, an ATV excursion could be just what they need. The roaring of the engine and navigating through a rugged landscape will be an experience of a lifetime.

For a unique afternoon outing, jump on board a galleon modeled after Christopher Columbus’ famed Santa Maria vessel for a spectacular and entertaining pirate show. Pirate scalawags will be your hosts for an evening full of fun and games, along with a delicious dinner and open bar for the adults. This surely is one of the most unforgettable, family-friendly excursions in Cancun.

Explore some of the best family activities in Cancun with these hand-picked excursions, suitable for children and adults alike:

Recommended excursions


Xcaret Eco-Park is one of the more popular family activities in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. You don’t have to choose between Mexico’s amazing heritage and its natural beauty — at Xcaret Park, you get a mixture of nature, food, art, culture and landscapes all rolled into the same place!

Xcaret Theme Park with different experiences for families

Mayan adventure

Discover three hidden snorkeling spots in just one day! For those who like exploring off the beaten track, it’s time to encounter three amazing spots hidden within the Riviera Maya where you can swim, snorkel or just daydream in wondrous aquatic settings, an ideal excursion for families in Cancun.


Snorkeling adventure

Snorkel at two of the Riviera Maya’s finest, most colorful, and well-preserved reefs in this half-day excursion. Enjoy the varied marine life you’ll see on this snorkeling adventure near Cancun, and take plenty of time for some much-deserved rest and relaxation at a beach club, with a third dose of snorkeling if you choose.


Jolly Roger

Live a deluxe pirate show by sailing off into the turquoise Cancun waters aboard a real-life galleon, where pirate scalawags will entertain you with an evening of fun and games. Delight in a gourmet dinner, a top-notch open bar and even a glorious sunset during this unforgettable, family-friendly excursion in Cancun.


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