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What outdoor activities are in Cancun?

With stunning turquoise waters, soft white-sand beaches, and jungles not too far away, Cancun is the perfect playground for adventure travelers looking for outdoor activities. This Caribbean paradise is not only one of the most visited destinations in Mexico but a must-see place for travelers all over the world. With its array of tours and excursions, it’s an explorer’s paradise, especially for those who enjoy sports and outdoor activities in a tropical setting.

There’s something about the sun, sea, and sand that make any sport more appealing. From water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, or kite surf, to exploring ancient cities, to heading to the jungle for an adventure on wheels, to swimming in the sacred Mayan sinkholes, Cancun has it all.

Soak up the colors of the world’s second-largest barrier reef with a snorkeling tour in Cancun or pick up a new hobby by learning to scuba dive. Or head to the sky for a thrilling zip line ride above the Mayan jungle treetops. Want a little bit more adventure? Make your engine roar with a tour through the jungle on a 4x4 vehicle with adrenaline-pumping action as you power through mud and rugged terrain.

Complete your visit to the Caribbean with cultural activities and a visit to the Mayan archaeological sites. Take in the beauty of Tulum, the only Mayan site situated next to the turquoise sea, and head down the stairs from the walled city to one of the most breathtaking beaches on the planet. Then, complete your day of cultural exploration with a number of thrilling outdoor activities to explore Cancun’s natural treasures.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, head over to the beach for some volleyball, soccer, surfing, or sailing. Cancun and its surrounding areas also boast some important sporting events like the Ironman competition.

Experience the best outdoor activities in Cancun by taking one of these unforgettable activities, as recommended by top travel experts:

Recommended Excursions

ATVs Zipline

Explore the bumpy terrain of the Mayan jungle atop a rip-roaring ATV, and go way above the canopy for adrenaline-pumping zip lining. As if this weren’t enough, add snorkeling and swimming at underground cenotes (natural exploration) for a total adventure in the great outdoors.



Take your outdoor adventure above the jungle and below ground at this magnificent eco-park built just for adrenaline junkies. Go on one of the tallest zip lines in the area, drive amphibious vehicles, hike through caverns and grottos, and make a splash in underground rivers.


Tulum Xtreme

Blend culture and adventure in one day with this adventure. Start at the ancient city of Tulum, whose ruins face the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, before going out to the middle of the jungle for zip lines, rappelling and snorkeling in crystal-clear underground rivers.


Emotions Native Park

Go off the beaten path at this eco-park that truly immerses you into the Mayan jungle for an all-terrain adventure. Explore a 60-foot deep cenote (freshwater sinkhole) after a ride on an ATV or Polaris vehicle, and even feel the mystical side of the Mayan world with a chaman-led ceremony.


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