What are some outdoor activities in Punta Cana?

Live the great outdoors of Punta Cana with activities that will make your heart pound and inspire you with otherworldly natural beauty. The southeastern region of the island is a bastion of wilderness, combining the splendor of the Caribbean Sea with mountain and jungle settings that allow for some of the most unforgettable outdoor activities in the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana vacationers can rest assured they’ll find plenty of action and relaxation the moment they leave their resort to explore the wide open natural world.

One of the best Punta Cana outdoor activities for thrill seekers is an all-terrain adventure on buggies, roaring at top gear through the rugged landscape of the jungle. You can also explore this incredible setting by going on a safari-style truck and seeing the plantations where Dominican coffee and chocolate come from. And if you’re still looking for that exhilaration to pulsate through your body, you simply must go flying above the Punta Cana outdoors with an activity like zip lining to get an eagle-eye view of the mountain canopy.

Hidden landscapes are also part of the Punta Cana outdoors, so go on special journeys to discover these natural gems tucked away in the wilderness. One spot is Saona Island, a protected marvel located just south of the Dominican mainland. Absorb complete beauty during your cruise on a modern catamaran, and relax at one of Saona’s well preserved beaches. Or go hiking and biking through the jungle at a place like Scape Park, where you’re going to find yourself completely surrounded in a tropical forest setting. A gorgeous sinkhole will be waiting for you to enjoy one of the most magical swimming experiences you’ve ever had.

Are you ready to try out great activities to see the outdoors of Punta Cana? Here are the best excursions for you to experience it all, as recommended by the local experts:


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Wild Tiger Buggies

Go on a real off-road buggy adventure with one of the top outdoor activities in Punta Cana. Take your all-terrain vehicle at full speed over the bumpy terrain and surround yourself with tropical nature and breathtaking vistas as the adrenaline flows through your veins.

Zip Lines

Soar above the Anamuya Mountains of the Dominican Republic on a zip line circuit consisting of 18 lines, each one more thrilling and inspiring than the next. Fly over spectacular mountain scenery and get your rush of excitement with this unforgettable Punta Cana outdoor activity.

Outback Experience

Surround yourself in the great outdoors of Punta Cana with a series of outdoor adventures that take you to the heart of the Dominican Republic. Take a safari truck to the place where coffee and chocolate comes from, visit a rural Dominican home and relax in a hidden beach.

Scape Park Full Day

One of the most beloved places in Punta Cana, this eco park provides memorable outdoor activities such as exploring a cave system, flying on zip lines, biking through the wilderness, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of a refreshing sinkhole.

Side by Side Adventure

Put the pedal to the metal on your very own dune buggy as you go full speed ahead through the back roads of Punta Cana. This outdoor activity is designed to disconnect you from civilization as you discover a hidden beach and a freshwater lagoon for a dose of relaxation.

Saona Island

Leave Punta Cana to embrace the pristine outdoors with a journey by speedboat and catamaran, allowing you to take in the majestic beauty of the Dominican Coast. Visit the protected island of Saona and chill to the max at its secluded beach with drinks in hand.

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