What types of water activities are in Playa del Carmen?

Because you’ll be surrounded by the sea and a freshwater network below the Mayan jungle, Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to try out water activities during your vacation. Whether you’re trying out snorkeling or swimming in salt water or fresh water, the area has you covered. Just step away from your resort and visit the touristic jewels nearby.

Your biggest water activity in Playa del Carmen will be exploring the Xel-Ha all-inclusive park. It has a grandiose saltwater inlet that’s accompanied by freshwater cenotes (sinkholes) scattered throughout the jungle. Besides all the snorkeling and splashing, the park is an all-inclusive paradise where you can have all the food and drink you wish for. Another aquatic excursion is Xenotes, which consists of a day trip to four different cenotes in the Playa del Carmen area. Enjoy different water activities at each cenote, each one more refreshing and exciting than the next! And of course, you must visit Xcaret to complete your water tour of three of the most emblematic sister activities in the region. At Xcaret, you can float in an underground river or simply lounge around on the beach and inlet of this natural and cultural eco-park.

For an exploration of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, there’s nothing better than taking a luxury boat to sail away toward the vast ocean, breathing in the ocean breeze and enjoying the sunshine in the open waters. Then jump right into the water for snorkeling next to the barrier reef, viewing an underwater universe of color as fish dart all around you. And for another unforgettable encounter with sea life, you simply have to swim with friendly dolphins! One of Playa del Carmen’s favorite water activities involve spending time with nature’s smartest sea mammals, something that will touch your heart and your soul as you refresh yourself during your vacation.

Explore the waters of Playa del Carmen, where incredible activities await!





Get an all-inclusive experience in Playa del Carmen’s biggest natural water park, Xel-Ha! Try out must-do activities such as snorkeling and swimming in both salt water bodies and freshwater cenotes (sinkholes). You can even take a bike ride through the jungle, and replenish your energy with all the food and drink you want.

Luxury Sailing and Snorkeling

Take a fantastic luxury sailing and snorkeling adventure to explore the turquoise wonders of the Caribbean Sea and inspire yourself on one of Playa del Carmen’s favorite water activities. Bask in the sunshine as the sea surrounds you and take in the ocean breeze, then dip into the sea for a snorkel jaunt around the coral reef.


Playa del Carmen’s most family-friendly water activity is at one of the most renowned eco-parks in the world. Swim in a subterranean river and relax at the park’s beach and inlet as you let the sound of the waves take away all your worries. You can even enjoy cultural performances and animal exhibits during your visit.

Dolphin Xtreme

Encounter Playa del Carmen dolphins on this water activity that includes a ride with your sea mammal friend, who will also jaw-dropping perform stunts for you. In addition, this is an extreme adventure that offers zip lining, rappelling and swimming in a river below the Mayan jungle.


A grand tour of the subterranean rivers that dot the Playa del Carmen area, enjoy four different water activities at four different cenotes, freshwater sinkholes that make the Mexican Caribbean so special. Try out activities like zip lining and kayaking at each of the freshwater bodies.

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