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You’ve heard about the incredible sinkholes of the Yucatan Peninsula, now immerse yourself into their fresh waters with the Xenotes Cancun tour. This full-day adventure is the ultimate definition of refreshing fun, as you'll get to explore four different types of sinkholes in beautiful natural surroundings. There are different activities to try at each spot — zip lining, rappelling, snorkeling, tubing, kayaking and swimming — plus breakfast and a deli picnic lunch with included beer and wine. Pack your swimsuit and get ready to soak in the exhilaration at Xenotes!
  • Visit four stunning Cancun cenotes (freshwater sinkholes), each offering exciting activities
  • Kayak the jade waters of the open-roof K’aak (Fire) Cenote
  • Rappel down into the cavernous Lu’um (Earth) Cenote
  • Snorkel in the crystalline sapphire waters of Ha (Water) Cenote
  • Zip line above the emerald green waters of Iik’ (Air) Cenote
  • Reenergize with breakfast and a picnic lunch that includes wine and beer
  • Activity duration: 9 hours approx. (including transportation time to and from activity)
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off available


Take the Xenotes Cancun tour to experience the sinkholes of the Yucatan Peninsula!

Your exciting adventure through the freshwater paradise of Xenotes begins in the morning with included transportation from your Cancun or Riviera Maya resort. You’ll enter the Xenotes eco-park as you traverse the jungles of the town of Puerto Morelos and its ‘Ruta de los Cenotes’ — the Sinkhole Route that safeguards some of the Yucatan Peninsula’s most awe-inspiring freshwater bodies. Your guides will help you gear up to get you ready to explore four of those sinkholes, better known by the locals as cenotes, to start out a completely natural tour that’s as much exciting as it is relaxing.

Your guides will also teach you a few tricks to try out as you fly off on the zip lines, how to safely rappel down into the bowels of the earth, and how to get the most out of snorkeling and kayaking, as well as give you fascinating information about the sinkholes. Learn how they’ve been around for thousands of years as the main water supply of the Yucatan Peninsula, and how this fresh water was both sacred and instrumental during the creation and preservation of the Mayan civilization.

Enter the world of the Mayan gods with respect and admiration

To channel the Mayans’ veneration for the natural and spiritual worlds embodied in the sinkholes, your guides can tell you that it’s of utmost importance to ask permission to the cenotes before going inside them. The ancients also saw cenotes as portals to the underworld where their gods lived, and by asking permission to enter, visitors acknowledge that it took millions of years for the mystical waters to shape the stalactites, stalagmites and other rock formations.

It was this ritualistic care for the cenotes that led to their preservation as some of the most breathtaking displays of nature in the Yucatan Peninsula. Additionally, each of the sinkholes in the Xenotes Cancun tour now has its own unique personality based on one of the four elements, which is a way of paying homage to the worldview of the Mayan people. This is how you’ll be blessed with an otherworldly experience through impressive natural landscapes.

Encounter the beauty of the four elements at Xenotes Cancun

Once you’ve received permission from the Mayan gods to enter, you’ll finally have access to four cenotes where you’ll be in contact with a unique natural world full of peace and exhilaration:

  • Ha (Water): Appropriately enough, this sinkhole honors the main element that makes Xenotes what it is. Measuring between 30 to 49 feet, this half-open cenote has crystal-clear sapphire blue waters that are perfect for snorkeling and getting up close with an abundance of plants and birds. Ha Cenote has a wonderful garden of lily pads, and some of your companions can be bats, swallows and small catfish floating by. Bring out your inner explorer as you kayak along magical waters you won’t believe actually exist.

  • K’aak’ (Fire): With waters shining in their majestic green jade color, this open-roof sinkhole is enclosed in high vertical walls made of mighty stones measuring between 23 to 70 feet tall. The verdant Mayan jungle surrounds the water, which flows like a river. At K’aak Cenote, you can float peacefully as you ride on inner tubes or swim freely to your heart’s content. You can enter by diving from a zip line or by descending on a water slide.

  • Lu'um (Earth): At merely 8 millions years old, this magnificent closed-cavern cenote is actually the youngest sinkhole at Xenotes and is almost completely shielded off from the sun. The way to enter Lu’um Cenote is by rappelling down 69 to 82 feet toward the bowels of the earth, leading you to spectacularly turquoise waters. While you’re in this underground marvel, you'll see stalagmites and stalactites that have been formed over millennia. To dive into the water, you can use two platforms, the tallest measuring 7 feet.

  • Iik' (Air): This is the sinkhole that most attracts adventurers to Xenotes. With a depth between 33 to 43 feet, this cenote is best explored by soaring on two circuits of zip lines. You’ll definitely get a bird’s eye view of this beautiful place before you dive straight into Iik’ Cenote’s beautiful emerald green waters below. You can also jump from its platform and swim among lily pads. A true adventure, you'll feel completely at one with the elements.

Reenergize with breakfast and an all-inclusive picnic lunch

After exploring the first of four incredible sinkholes of Xenotes Cancun, you’ll undoubtedly need to start your morning right with some energy. That’s why you’ll be offered a small breakfast featuring coffee, hot chocolate, sweet bread and fruit to give you the fuel necessary to keep exploring. And once you’ve completed the three remaining sinkholes, your all-inclusive excursion will offer you a one-of-a-kind picnic lunch to enjoy as you’re surrounded by the lush natural world. You can prepare your own baguette made with deli meats such as chicken breast or pork loin, or opt for only vegetables and add dressings to pack on the flavor. You can complement your baguette with a hot soup and a nice salad made to your liking.

To refresh, kick back an ice-cold cold beer, a glass of red or white wine, water or soft drinks. And make sure to save room for dessert, as a nice fudge brownie will do the trick to please your sweet tooth. Additionally, your day tour of Cancun’s best sinkholes also includes life jackets and towels. And you can purchase a photo package to ensure that all your moments are captured properly by a professional throughout your journey. If you want a complete and authentic exploration of the Yucatan Peninsula’s waters, look no further than Xenotes’ unique sinkhole tour!


  • Transportation service with a specialized guide and an operator
  • Welcome coffee, chocolate and sweet breads
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (water and soft drinks) and seasonal fruits en route
  • Chocolate, coffee and oatmeal cookies at every Xenote exit, except the one where lunch is served
  • Glam Picnic: an energizing selection including fusilli-vegetable soup, fresh bar with premium quality cheeses and deli meats, accompanied with a variety of rustic breads and dressings to prepare your own food sided with fresh salads. Assortment of water, coffee, chocolate, wine and beer.
  • Equipment: life jacket, snorkel equipment, rappel gear, kayak and/ or inner tube
  • Restrooms, dressing rooms and a towel

Practical Information

  • Minimum age: 6 years old
  • Bring cash or a credit card for souvenirs and tips
  • We recommend that you bring aqua socks or water shoes and a towel
  • Don’t litter, do take care of nature, enjoy it and learn from it
  • Avoid using makeup or chemical repellents that affect the ecosystem of the cenotes, use only chemical-free sunscreen
  • Shower before entering the Xenote to protect the habitat
  • The use of life jackets is required for water activities
  • Avoid leaving the beaten track to avoid an incident with the fauna or flora of the place
  • If you see an animal avoid touching or feeding it, remember they are in their natural habitat
  • Please note that our partner will be providing transportation in their vehicle so that you can enjoy this exciting excursion.
  • Important: If you are in Cozumel and wish to have this experience, please select your pick-up location at the meeting point that best suits you.

Good To Know

  • Tour Language: English / Spanish
  • Tour Location(s): Riviera Maya
  • Season: All year long
  • Duration: 9 hours (approx.)
  • Minimum Age Requirement: 6 years old
  • Hotel Pick-up Available: Yes
  • Good Physical Condition Required: Yes
  • Suitable For Children : Yes
  • Suitable For Elderly: Yes
  • Pregnant Woman Allowed: No
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