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What to do with your family in the Riviera Maya

Families that travel together stay together, so why not make it an even more special Riviera Maya vacation by doing activities as a family? Get away from the comfort of your resort’s swimming pool and go see a world of experiences in a diverse landscape that includes eco-parks, beaches, jungles, and freshwater rivers beneath the hidden land.

No doubt, the kids and the parents alike will want to visit the most family-friendly eco-park in the Riviera Maya: Xcaret. This amazing place provides you with natural activities such as snorkeling, archaeological sightseeing, and even animal watching. Cultural performances and even lounging on the beach are also part of this must-do family activity in the Riviera Maya.

One of the world-renowned traits of the Riviera Maya landscape is the presence of freshwater sinkholes called cenotes. Even underground rivers are part of this network that opens up to a world of majestic rock formations, best viewed by snorkeling. Go explore a cenote hidden away beneath the Mayan jungle, providing ample refreshment for the whole family. Of course, visitors of all ages can also experience the magic of swimming next to fish and other colorful sea life with saltwater snorkeling adventures.

Swimming with dolphins is another favorite family activity for Riviera Maya guests. Nature’s brightest sea mammals are waiting to make your acquaintance by giving you a ride in their water-dwelling, one of which is Puerto Morelos in the northern part of the Riviera Maya region. Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they get to shake hands and give them a sweet kiss!

And without forgetting that Cozumel is an indispensable part of the Riviera Maya, make sure you visit this marvelous island with the whole family. Everyone can try out something unforgettable like swimming with stingrays (no barbs, don’t worry), or even just relaxing at a beach club next to the island’s clear water.

Still not sure about which family activities to do in the Riviera Maya? Take a look at some of the best hand-picked excursions just for your family:

Recommended excursions


Live one of the all-time favorite family activities in the Riviera Maya at the amazing Xcaret. This eco-park is known all over the world because of its combination of natural beauty, cultural encounters and total relaxation at its beach and underground river settings. Your family will find plenty of things to do at Xcaret any time of year.

Xcaret Theme Park with different experiences for families

Chichen Itza Deluxe

Get completely away from your Riviera Maya resort by visiting the ancient city of Chichen Itza. The whole family will enjoy this activity not just because of the encounter with majestic Mayan temples, but because of a swim in an 85-foot-deep freshwater sinkhole and a delicious local lunch.

Couple enjoying the day at Chichen Itza

Chaak Tun

Discover a world of wonder beneath the Mayan jungle at the Chaak Tun freshwater cenote, one of the Riviera Maya’s secrets and a perfect family activity. Snorkel in this underground river and see incredible rock formations in what the Mayans considered a portal to their gods.


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