The best private tours for Playa del Carmen guests

Give your Playa del Carmen vacation an extra touch of exclusivity by taking private excursions. These are some of the Mexican Caribbean’s most personalized tours thanks to a knowledgeable private guide and private transportation. You’ll travel there exclusively in the company of family members and friends, giving that VIP twist you seek during your Playa del Carmen vacation.

Perhaps the most attractive private tours from Playa del Carmen are those to the Mayan temples, where you can explore centuries-old sacred grounds. The most famous is Chichen Itza, which was added to the list of New Seven Wonders of the World. Its majesty comes from the Temple of Kukulcan pyramid, along with its accompanying buildings like the Observatory, the Monastery and the Ball Court. As part of your private experience, your group’s exclusive personal guide will be on hand to tell you the history of this archaeological marvel. And you’ll be capping off the day with a visit to the colonial town of Valladolid. Your Playa del Carmen vacation can also include a private excursion to Tulum, an ancient Mayan city where the turquoise Caribbean Sea is the perfect backdrop. This walled city served as a port, and its lighthouse is a structure known as El Castillo, which overlooks the sea from atop a cliff.

You can also refresh yourself by taking the best Playa del Carmen private water excursions, and Xel-Ha eco-park provides the grandest water adventure as it’s the largest natural aquarium on the planet. Feel free to snorkel and swim all throughout the day,  and because it’s an all-inclusive private tour, you can eat as much food and enjoy as much drink as you wish. You can also enjoy private underwater adventures below ground, exploring the system of caverns and subterranean rivers beneath the Mayan jungle.

Go on your very own exclusive journey. Make Playa del Carmen yours by taking a private excursion today!




Chichen Itza and Valladolid Private

Explore the archaeological complex of Chichen Itza on this private excursion where a knowledgeable guide will give you all the details about the temples and pyramids of this ancient city. An iconic Yucatan Peninsula site, discover why it’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and afterward, visit the town of Valladolid to see colorful colonial architecture and people living a less complicated life.


One of the most sought-after private tours in Playa del Carmen, visit Xcaret eco-park in the company of your own people to see a perfect blend of natural splendor, cultural performances and total relaxation. Experience everything from an underground river, a series of animal exhibits and a monumental musical performance to end your day.


Water activity lovers, listen up: Xel-Ha offers you a private, all-inclusive excursion at the world’s largest natural aquarium. Go with the flow with a full day of snorkeling and swimming in both freshwater and salt water. Enjoy buffets full of international flavors, along with a wealth of drinks, plus private transportation to make your VIP trip extra special.


Take a private and guided tour of the cenotes below the Mayan jungle, and experience a world of natural sinkholes whose flowing waters were sacred to the ancients. Feel the divine experience of swimming and snorkeling in these refreshing waters, and go deep inside caverns to view geological wonders above and below a subterranean river.


Pay a visit to Tulum with a private tour from Playa del Carmen, and encounter the only Mayan temples that face the majestic Caribbean Sea. Under the care of your very own private guide, you’ll learn all about this 13th-century city that was one of the most important trading ports in the Mayan world.

Underwater World Private

See a universe beneath the Playa del Carmen jungle with this private tour that takes you through its underground rivers, where you can view mighty stalactites, stalagmites and a large quantity of additional rock formations. This private tour also takes you snorkeling in saltwater, home to many colorful fish and turtles, to get a full immersion in the underwater world of the Mexican Caribbean.

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