What to do with the family in Playa del Carmen?

Spend some extra special time with the people who matter most by taking a vacation in Playa del Carmen and trying out a wealth of family activities! There’s a universe of excursions waiting for kids and adults alike after deciding to step away from their Riviera Maya resort. Any top travel expert will recommend that you go explore the Playa del Carmen area and its attractions so you can return home with a complete family vacation in the books.

If you’re searching for family-friendly adventures in Playa del Carmen’s waters, there’s always something to do for guests of all ages. One of them is swimming with dolphins, a top family activity in Playa del Carmen. Both you and your kids will feel a deep connection to the dolphins you swim with, starting with a hug and a kiss. Then go on a ride as your sea mammal friends push you along the water at a high speed! You can also visit the grandest natural aquarium in the world at Xel-Ha and make it a private excursion. You and your family will take private transportation and get VIP treatment at this water park, along with the all-inclusive perks of having all the food and drink you’d like throughout the day. Snorkel and splash around to your heart’s content with this adventure.

If your family needs more things to do in Playa del Carmen, and you’d like to get a mix of nature and culture in an amusement park setting, visit the majestic Xcaret. This eco-park offers activities such as snorkeling in an underground river, walking around several animal exhibits, watching cultural performances, and even getting R&R on the beach. With all the magic at Xcaret, you’ll see why it’s one of the most favorite family activities in Playa del Carmen.

The area also offers breathtaking experiences by sea, and the best way to enjoy the awe-inspiring turquoise sea is by going on a catamaran sail to snorkel in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. And of course, if your family wants to venture way out of Playa del Carmen, you should visit the Mayan ruins throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. The monumental archaeological complex of Chichen Itza remains one of the favorite excursions for travelers of all ages from all over the world. And with a swim in an 85-foot-deep cenote (freshwater sinkhole) as part of your tour, you and the kids will definitely enjoy this adventure.

Are you ready for some family activities in Playa del Carmen?




Dolphin Xtreme

Have the most memorable swim with dolphins during your Playa del Carmen family vacation. Learn the tips from the expert trainers about how to interact with nature’s smartest sea mammals. Get a sweet kiss and give a delightful hug to your dolphin friends, then watch them perform amazing stunts and get an unforgettable ride from them. Plus, add adrenaline with zip lining, rappelling and swimming underground.


Take a private, all-inclusive family tour of Xel-Ha, the largest natural aquarium on the planet. Experience all the fun you can have in water such as snorkeling and swimming in a combination of salt water and freshwater bodies. You can also ride a bike in the jungle, lounge on the beach and relax on the hammock, while eating and drinking as much as you’d like.


Arguably the top family activities in Playa del Carmen, Xcaret is an eco-park unlike any other in the world because of perfectly blends natural beauty, cultural performances and peaceful relaxation in an underground river and a breathtaking beach. You and your family will find plenty of things to do at this Playa del Carmen jewel.

ATVs Zipline

When your family is made up of thrill seekers, go out on this excursion that’s filled with excitement on land and air. Take a fast-paced ATV ride through the rugged jungle terrain. Then feel the thrill of flying above the canopy on zip lines, and even explore the underground caverns and rivers of Playa del Carmen on this family-friendly activity.

Chichen Itza Deluxe

Leave your Playa del Carmen resort behind to pay a visit to Chichen Itza, perhaps the most important city of the Mayan empire. This family-friendly activity will take you on a guided tour of centuries-old Mayan temples, before taking you to an 85-foot-deep freshwater sinkhole to swim and splash, with a delicious lunch full of local flavor to round out this deluxe excursion.

Luxury Sailing and Snorkeling

Free yourself from all the worries by taking a catamaran cruise in the deep blue and turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. This is a great Playa del Carmen activity for the family, as you’ll try out snorkeling when you’re out in the sea, exploring the colorful coral reef and its sea life. A box lunch is included.

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