What types of water activities are there in Costa Rica?

Water is everywhere in Costa Rica — ocean, beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs and blue pools are some of the wonders that make for unforgettable water activities in Guanacaste province. There are some great choices if you’re thinking about snorkeling, diving and sailing on the marvelous Pacific Ocean that borders this nation to the west. But the real magic happens inside land, where the forests and mountains guard the water sources that provide memorable experiences in this real-life Garden of Eden.

One of the most delightful water activities in Guanacaste is the Rio Perdido Adventure, where total zen and relaxation happens at an eco-lodge’s mineral pools and thermal river. Step inside these freshwater sources and feel the healing spirit of the mountains wash all over you. Though you’ll experience total relaxation on this journey, you can also get your dose of adrenaline at Rio Perdido’s zip line course, which towers over a river canyon. And as a bonus during the dryer months, this adventure can include a round of tubing down the river, when its water levels are not too high and not too low.

Another place where you’ll feel Mother Nature’s generous spirit is at  Sensoria, the Land of Senses. A nature reserve completely secluded from the civilization of Guanacaste and Costa Rica, Sensoria’s water activities include swims in cool natural pools and a thermal river. This is a hiking adventure in a real rainforest paradise, where there’s a limit of visitors allowed per day, giving you privileged access to one of the most sacred displays of nature in the nation.

Do you want to add some adrenaline to your water activities in Guanacaste? Then you should definitely consider taking the Culture and Adventure Mega Combo, which features a mega water slide measuring 1,300 feet! This excursion is fun and excitement for the entire family. But you can also unwind with a nice, relaxing swim in thermal water pools, with the sounds of nature enveloping you completely. Zip lining and cultural displays of local flavor round out this memorable experience up on the mountains.

Recommended excursions

Rio Perdido Adventure

Relax in a thermal river and mineral pools flowing with waters heated by the nearby volcanoes of this eco-lodge tucked away in Costa Rica's mountain ranges. Zip lining and tubing during dryer months are part of your fun day out.

Sensoria Land of Senses

Immerse yourself into the magical rainforest of Costa Rica at a place full of waterfalls, cool blue natural pools and a healing thermal river. This guided hike allows you to be completely at one with nature in an Eden-like paradise.

Culture and Adventure Mega Combo

Go down a 1,300-foot water slide and feel total zen at a pool flowing with thermal waters as you enjoy a peaceful mountain setting. Horseback riding, zip lining and a cultural display of local flavor round out this experience.

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