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What water activities can I try in the Riviera Maya?

Riviera Maya vacation just wouldn’t be the same without trying out water activities all along the region. The Mexican Caribbean is, after all, a paradise for snorkelers and swimmers seeking refreshment both in the sea and in the freshwater network below the jungle.

Dive right into the colors of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef with one of the ultimate snorkeling adventures in the Riviera Maya. Experience an underwater world where fish and other sea creatures thrive along the reef, offering you one of the most memorable snorkeling experiences ever.

The ultimate water activity in the Riviera Maya awaits at the Xel-Ha all-inclusive park. This majestic place boasts an enormous saltwater inlet and an array of freshwater cenotes (sinkholes) tucked away inside jungle vegetation. As if swimming weren’t enough, you can have all the food and drink you want at this unforgettable park.

You should also explore the Rivera Maya’s network of underground rivers for incredible snorkeling and swimming deep below the wilderness. A place like Rio Secreto is a doorway to the Mayan gods, according to the ancient natives, and you’ll see an underground world full of rock formations that took millennia to form.

Among the many memorable Riviera Maya water activities you should try, don’t forget to say hello to friendly dolphins under the loving care of knowledgeable trainers. Swim with these dolphins, shake their fins, give them a hug and a kiss, and then set off into the jungle for some adrenaline-pumping action such as zip lining, rappelling and even snorkeling in freshwater rivers underground.

And of course, because the Caribbean Sea beckons you to keep exploring it, don’t forget to sail away on a luxury boat to take in the ocean breeze, with endless turquoise all around you, plus a coral reef and colorful fish waiting to swim with you on another exciting snorkeling jaunt.

Your favorite water activity awaits during your Riviera Maya vacation. Here are some water excursions hand-picked for you to enjoy to the fullest:

Recommended excursions

Snorkeling Adventure

Because snorkeling is a must-do water activity in the Riviera Maya, take this excursion to explore some of the most well-preserved reefs bursting with color and sea life. Add some relaxing time at a beach club and you’ve got yourself a nice half-day outing.

Snorkeling Adventure, swimming around coral reefs


Try out an all-inclusive water activity in the Riviera Maya’s grandest natural park, Xel-Ha! Try everything in the water such as swimming, snorkeling andsplashing around both salt water and freshwater sinkholes, better known as cenotes. You’ll even bike ride in the jungle, and you can eat and drink as much as you’d like throughout the day.


Luxury sailing and snorkeling

Go on a perfect luxury sailing and snorkeling excursion along the turquoise Caribbean Sea and experience one of the most magical Riviera Maya water activities. Enjoy the ocean breeze and the sunshine as the sea envelops you, and take a dip to snorkel with the colorful fish darting around the coral reef.

Couple pointing at a coral on the luxury sailing and snorkeling riviera maya tour


Explore the large network of subterranean rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula by visiting four cenotes, the freshwater sinkholes that provide some of the Riviera Maya’s most memorable water activities. Each cenote allows you to try different things to do, such as zip lining and kayaking, offering you the ultimate refreshment in the Mexican Caribbean.


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