What activities are available in Huatulco?

Why should you choose to vacation in Huatulco, Oaxaca? Simply, if you love unspoiled nature that perfectly blends inspiring beaches with breathtaking mountains, this is a spot for you. Also, Huatulco is a less touristy area with undeveloped areas that maintain the charm of a small mountain town, keeping its authentic Mexican feel. Combine it with the luxury and comfort of all-inclusive resorts, and you’ve got yourself a perfect getaway. But once you’re relaxing at these incredible resorts, your surroundings will inspire you to say, “What are the things to do in Huatulco?” Luckily, there are plenty of options depending on which activities you seek, and in which rich landscapes you’d like to do them.

To really immerse yourself into the essence of the area, you can try the 3 Levels of Huatulco tour. You get to visit a small village, a coffee plantation and a local home for a total look — and taste — of the magic of the Oaxaca region. If you can’t get enough of the mountains, and would also like to try one of the most refreshing things to do in Huatulco, you can visit the waterfalls flowing from the Sierra Madre Mountains and really make a splash.

If you’d like to keep exploring Huatulco by land, why not fuel your adventure with adrenaline by riding on an ATV through the back roads of this gorgeous landscape? Or, if you’d rather take it slower and you want to learn the history of Huatulco, you can visit the pyramids of the Rio Copalita archaeological site, where you’ll explore ruins and even birds.

To take your adventure to water and really explore the Pacific’s blue waters, go aboard a boat and explore seven bays of Huatulco. Or if you’re an avid fisher, or would like to try it, how about going on a Panga hull boat in search of the biggest catch in the ocean?

Are you ready to go? Here are some of the most popular things to do in Huatulco, as recommended by the local experts:





Sail off on a boat into seven of Huatulco's bays and jump into the Pacific to snorkel with a variety of marine life. Then relax on the golden beaches of the Oaxaca coast as the mountain ranges surround you on the other side. An unforgettable time awaits.


What better way to get away from it all than by heading into the vast mountains of Oaxaca, then immersing yourself in the revitalizing waters of the Sierra Madre’s waterfalls? On this journey, you’ll also visit a coffee plantation and try some of Mexico's better coffees.


Truly get to know Huatulco on three levels by discovering its magic at a village, a coffee plantation and a local home. This adventure even takes you 5,000 feet above sea level to get you breathing the fresh mountain air and experience the local flavor of the Oaxaca area.


One of the most thrilling things to do in Huatulco, rev up your engines and set out into the Huatulco wilderness on your very own ATV. Feel the rush and the excitement as you go high speed through the dirt roads of Huatulco, taking a break for a swim in the blue Pacific.


Search for your big catch in the vast Pacific Ocean by taking a chartered Panga hull boat and experiencing the best sport fishing adventure in Huatulco. Let your experienced captain guide you and reel in the big fish, whether you’re a beginner or have ample experience fishing.


History and culture aficionados will step back into the past at the Rio Copalita archaeological site, just outside of Huatulco. On this guided tour, you’ll explore ruins, temples, plazas and an archaeological museum, as well as a bird watching outing to see the area’s native birds.

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