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Considering how many junglessubterranean rivers and beaches make up the Mexican Caribbean landscape, plus a collection of internationally recognized eco-parks, you'll find plenty of outdoor activities in Playa del Carmen and its surroundings. What better place to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and have fantastic times in the great outdoors. So get away from your resort during the daytime and enjoy the activities that Playa del Carmen has in store for you. 

For an encounter with nature and Mexican culture in a world-class amusement park, you must spend a day at Xcaret. Playa del Carmen’s premier eco-park will give you a world of outdoor activities such as snorkeling and swimming in a long underground river, a walking tour of several animal exhibits, a host of cultural performances, and even relaxation on hammocks at the beach. On the other side of the road is Xplor, Xcaret’s sister park, which offers some of the most thrilling outdoor activities in Playa del Carmen. If you’re a daredevil, cram as much adrenaline-fueled action as you can while soaring on zip lines, speed through the terrain on ATVs and even go rafting and swimming in another subterranean river.

If you can’t get enough adrenaline in the Mayan jungle, try out Playa del Carmen’s outdoor adventures, such as the ones that include UTV rides through the jungle, as well as rappelling into the depths of the earth, and of course more fun on zip line circuits way above the Mayan jungle’s canopy.

And of course nothing says “outdoor activities” like a visit to the Mayan ruins in the Playa del Carmen region. It’s almost obligatory to walk through the Tulum archaeological complex, which overlooks the delightfully turquoise Caribbean Sea from atop a cliff. This was a port city for the Mayan kingdom of Coba, which has the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula. What are you waiting for to try out these amazing outdoor activities during your Playa del Carmen vacation?





The most adrenaline-packed outdoor activities in Playa del Carmen are at Xplor adventure park, which gives you access to one of the longest zip line circuits in the Mexican Caribbean. Additionally, enjoy a thrilling ride on an amphibious all-terrain vehicle, explore an underground river by rafting and view incredible rock formations in subterranean caves.

Outdoor Adventure

Go into the depths of the Riviera Maya jungle for a perfect dose of thrills on land, air and water. The Playa del Carmen outdoor activities on this tour include going on a UTV ride through the jungle’s rugged landscape, rappelling into the earth’s bowels at a cave, snorkeling in a river below ground and soaring on a zip line above a cenote (freshwater sinkhole).

ATVs Zipline

Get you full dose of adventure with these Playa del Carmen outdoor activities that take you to conquer both air and land. Drive your very own ATV through the bumpy terrain of the Mayan jungle. Then soar way above the canopy by taking on a zip line circuit, and even venture into the area’s underground network of caverns and rivers.


Enjoy Playa del Carmen’s favorite outdoor activity for visitors of all ages looking for a day full of nature and culture. Enjoy this renowned eco-park and its array of animal exhibits, go swimming in an underground river, relax on its beaches and inlets, and even delight in cultural performances from all of Mexico’s diverse regions.

Coba Mayan Encounter

Have a unique outdoor encounter with the Playa del Carmen area’s Mayan culture  Go atop the 137-foot Nohoch Mul Pyramid at Coba, one of the ancient kingdoms, then explore a Mayan village where you can zip line, canoe, rappel and even swim in a cenote (freshwater sinkhole) that’s 55 feet deep. In addition, watch a shaman perform a sacred Mayan ritual.

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