Things to do with the family in Montego Bay

Traveling to Jamaica with the kids? The best way to experience the island’s natural marvels is by taking family activities around Montego Bay. This magical nation offers a collection of tours and experiences that are appropriate for younger and older visitors alike. Whether you’re wanting to spend the day at a beach club, or exploring the waterfalls, jungles and mountains, or having the time of your life on water, Jamaica has everything you need for a family-friendly vacation.

One of the obligatory places to visit during your time in Montego Bay is Dunn’s River Falls. These 600-foot-long waterfalls are at the top of the list for Jamaica vacationers because of the splashing good time they provide inside a verdant setting. These cascades actually flow into the Caribbean Sea, and the whole family can enjoy it at the Bamboo Beach Club for plenty of sun and fun.

For even more water adventure, how about going kayaking and tubing with the whole family? With the Aqua Thrill Seeker adventure, you can try out all of these experiences, and even add on a visit to an aviary to see the magnificent birds of Jamaica. Plus, you can even go zip lining high above the jungle canopy to add an extra touch of adrenaline to your vacation. If you’re still looking for more thrills above the air, the Sky Explorer and Bobsled experience is just what you need. Go high above the mountains of Ocho Rios and get amazing views of the Caribbean Sea as you go on a chairlift and down a bobsled, just like the legendary Jamaican bobsled team that made history in the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Finally, to unleash your family’s jungle spirit, don’t forget to take a Jeep on an unforgettable safari through the hidden landscapes of Trelawny Parish. Are you ready to take the best family activities during your Montego Bay vacation?

Recommended excursions


Hang out with your family at the fantastic Bamboo Beach Club to really enjoy the good Caribbean vibes. That’s the perfect complement after climbing the stunning Dunn's River Falls, which provide you with 600 feet of adventure, water fun, nature and well deserved rest and relaxation.


Get a quick but thorough look at the 600-foot Dunn's River Falls, which you and the family can climb and enjoy by swimming in its refreshing pools of waters. You can also hang out at the beach, which is next to the mouth of these astonishing waterfalls.


Families made up of adrenaline junkies, pay attention. This adventure is just what you need to get your heart pumping with an incredible zip line circuit, but not without refreshing in the water thanks to a tubing and kayaking adventure, even unwinding with a visit to jungle bird habitats.


Even more thrills await your family high above Ocho Rios at Mystic Mountain, where you can go on a bobsled ride just like the mythical Jamaican bobsled team in the Winter Olympic games more than 30 years ago. A 250-foot waterslide into an infinity pool is also part of the exhilaration.


Get out there and encounter the majestic outback of Jamaica in Trelawyny Parish, where a 4x4 Jeep will take your adventurer family on an unbelievable safari. Explore a plantation, discover hidden mineral pools and waterfalls, and pay a visit to the exotic birds that live in this magical place.


Have the time of your life with your family by encountering Jamaica’s sea life. Select from different dolphin swim programs at this water park, which also allows you to snorkel with stingrays, spend time with harmless sharks, and even see the animals that live in the tropical rain forest.

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