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What types of water activities can I find in Montego Bay?

When you’re staying in Montego Bay for a vacation on a magical island like Jamaica, you’ll be stunned by the amazing colors of the Caribbean Sea all around you. With that, you’ll surely be looking for water activities in Montego Bay, to truly immerse yourself and make a splash in a naturally aquatic setting.

Throughout Jamaica, both freshwater and seawater provide unforgettable adventures and grand proportions of fun. The question is, where do you start? How about staying inland and experiencing the fun of the rivers of Jamaica? There are river rapids that will delight both thrill-seekers and guests who prefer to take it slow. Choose between kayaking, river rafting, or inflatable tubing, and have an amazing time surrounded by nature. Another must-do freshwater expedition is Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica’s most visited waterfalls, and for good reason. You get to climb these 600-foot marvels, enjoying flowing waters and swimming in the natural pools created by the cascades. Something amazing about Dunn’s River Falls is that the water flows into the Caribbean Sea, creating an incredible setting found in few places in the world. Check it out, and while you’re at it, hang out at a beach club at the mouth of the falls for some good times and great relaxing, Jamaica style.

Of course, you simply must venture out further into the sea for one of the most popular water activities in Montego Bay — snorkeling! Cruise aboard a catamaran and head toward the Montego Bay Marine Park for an unforgettable exploration of the reef formations as you swim next to colorful sea life. Another water experience you can’t miss is the otherworldly Luminous Lagoon, whose waters magically glow in the dark thanks to microorganisms that emit light when you swim next to them.

Are you ready to try the best water activities in Montego Bay? Here are some recommendations from the local destination experts:

Recommended excursions

Luminous lagoon

Experience a place where the waters glow in bright tones of phosphorescent blue when you swim or the boats sail through its waters. Take a boat ride and swim in Jamaica’s Luminous lagoon for a gleaming good time!



Climb Dunn's River Falls and enjoy 600 feet of water adventures as you get soaked in the flowing cascades and swim in their natural pools. You also get to cruise on the Caribbean Sea and take a dip to discover the incredibly colorful coral reef with a nice snorkeling adventure.


Dreamer Montego Bay family cruise

Enjoy a family-friendly day of Jamaican sun and fun with the Dreamer cruise, the top Montego Bay catamaran tour for a glorious snorkeling and partying adventure. Choose either a day sail or a sunset cruise, and explore the Caribbean Sea aboard your vessel as you head toward Montego Bay Marine Park, where you’ll have the chance to swim and snorkel next to a plethora of tropical fish and colorful reef formations. 


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