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What activities are available in Montego Bay?

Yeah, mahn! Looking for things to do in Montego Bay? Then you’re in luck, because the most down-to-earth, easy-going Caribbean island of Jamaica offers you unforgettable excursions on land, on sea and everywhere in between.

So as you sit back and relax at your all-inclusive Montego Bay resort, and you look out toward the majestic Caribbean Sea, why not begin exploring the island with a cruise aboard a catamaran? You can relax and catch the sun as the turquoise waters envelop you, then jump right in and snorkel next to Jamaica’s incredible sea life. For more intense fun in the sea, you should try out a deep sea fishing expedition in search of the largest fish that live below the Caribbean waves. Or for a combination of land and sea adventure, cruise on the Ocho Rios shores for snorkeling, then make your way inland to the glorious Dunn’s River Falls and all of its fun freshwater possibilities. These 600-foot-long waterfalls are one of the obligatory things to do in the Montego Bay area because they’re surrounded by nature, providing you with unforgettable views after you climb them.

For even more encounters with the natural world of Jamiaca, and the amazing creatures that inhabit it, a trip to Dolphin Cove will leave you with indeleble memories of swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with stingrays! And you should visit the microorganisms that create the glowing environment of Luminous Lagoon, whose nighttime waters become naturally illuminated in blue and green colors. This is caused by the tiny creatures that react to your movement by emitting light as you swim.

Finally, remember that there's more than just water activities in Montego Bay. So if you simply want to chill out and learn about Jamaica’s history, a guided tour of the Appleton Rum factory will give you a glimpse of how rum has been crafted since the 18th century.

You’ll find the right combination of things to do in Montego Bay with the following suggestions. Whatever you seek, you’ll truly immerse yourself and get the best out of the amazing island paradise that is Jamaica.

Recommended excursions

Cool Runnings Dunns river day cruise

Climb the 600-foot Dunn's River Falls and get an amazing and refreshing look at the nature that surrounds this must-see Jamaican landmark. Additionally, explore the turquoise Caribbean Sea aboard a boat and jump right in to discover the incredible coral reef by snorkeling.


Luminous lagoon

Get an all-natural light show with an evening sail across Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon, whose waters illuminate with phosphorescent blue colors thanks to tiny creatures called dinoflagellatesFeel free to take a dip and see how the water begins to glow whenever you move around.


Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios

Spend quality time with the incredible sea life of Jamaica! Make a splash by choosing from different dolphin swims at this incredible water park, where you can also snorkel with stingrays and interact with friendly sharks, and you can even visit tropical rain forest habitats.


More Montego Bay activities for you

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