What activities are available in Maui?

Come discover unimaginable natural sights with amazing experiences and things to do in Maui, a destination that should be at the top of your list for a Hawaii vacation. This island stands out with 728 square miles of wonders at almost every corner. Whether you’re looking for imposing volcanoes, vivid coral reefs, waterfalls, rainforests, secluded islands, or just perfect black-sand beaches, Maui has it all. Additionally, there is world-class transportation from Maui Airport to top hotel brands all along the island.

So which things to do in Maui should you start with? How about taking it to the air and experiencing a helicopter tour of the whole island? Let an expert pilot guide you from a great height as you encounter a combination of natural sights you never imagined could exist!

Should you prefer to be more grounded, but still get an overview of the magnitude of Maui’s awesomeness, take a road trip across the world-famous Road to Hana. You’ll travel 52 miles to see how forests, waterfalls and black-sand beaches can coexist in surreal harmony, plus you can relax in natural pools to really connect with this island’s splendor.

Make sure to also take a waterfall hike and bathe beneath Maui’s healing cascades, while getting some breathtaking mountain views along the way. But if you want to take your aquatic experience to the ocean, the island has you covered. You can sail off to Molokini Atoll, a sunken volcano whose crater forms a perfect spot for Maui snorkeling.

If you’d like to encounter the amazing mountains and add a kick of adrenaline to your journey, visit the astounding Haleakala National Park and zip line adventure at a height of 70 feet above ravines and incredible views you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

And you simply cannot leave Maui without delving into its cultural identity by participating in a luau feast, enjoying a buffet of Polynesian food, song and dance that’s fit for royalty.

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with a plethora or tours and activities in Maui. Here is a list of hand-picked things to do on this island during your Hawaiian vacation:

Unforgettable Activities and Experiences in Maui




You could spend hours driving the Road to Hana to take in Maui's waterfalls, volcano and rainforests. Or, you could see it all with an hour-long Maui Circle Island Deluxe Helicopter tour. Your adventure will have you soaring above Hana, Haleakala and West Maui's rainforests, valleys, waterfalls, volcano, coastline and harbor towns, and leave you breathless!


Who can say they went swimming in an ancient volcano’s crater? You can, when you join this Molokini snorkel cruise tour. Sail a catamaran and visit Molokini, a protected island reserve made from the tip of a sunken volcano. There, you can snorkel with a plethora of marine life and enjoy a BBQ lunch for an amazing Hawaiian adventure you’re going to remember for years to come.


Lele, the original name for Lahaina, was the beach and home of the royal family of Maui. Let the spirits of the original family surround you as you embark on a musical and culinary journey of the island, as well as Tahiti, Samoa and Aotearoa, with a feast at lele luau experience.


Zip line across the forests of the world’s largest dormant volcano on the country’s first-ever zip line tour. Eco-guides will lead you on a Tarzan-like adventure, flying over canyons and 90-foot drops, crossing swinging bridges and swinging on a pendulum at 45 miles per hour. The exhilarating Haleakala zip line tour will leave your smiling for days!


Wind around the twisting and turning roads of Maui’s coastline along the famed Road to Hana. With hairpin turns and cliffside roads, this drive is considered one of the top road trips in the world. With a Hana adventure tour Maui, you’ll see striking waterfalls cascading through the rainforest, as well as hardened lava flows from Haleakala Volcano, black-sand beaches made from lava rock, and breathtaking ocean views.


Take in the beauty of Maui’s famous waterfalls along the Road to Hana trail, where every type of hiker is welcome, not just experienced ones. Join this short walk and see two waterfalls, swim in natural pools and enjoy the Maui rainforest. This easy 1-mile walk leads to great fun in Hawaii!

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