What types of water activities can I find in Puerto Vallarta?

Given its location next to the blue Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of water activities in Puerto Vallarta! Almost at every turn, you’re bound to find somewhere to soak yourself in excitement, whether you seek saltwater or freshwater adventure.

Without going too far from the center of Puerto Vallarta, you can start delighting in water fun with a half-day sailing expedition all along Banderas Bay during broad daylight. For an inspiringly upscale cruise later in the day, take a luxury sunset sail and experience the magical changes of colors as the sun sinks into the reddening Pacific. If you’d like to immerse yourself and encounter the sea life as you swim right next to them, a dolphin swim experience is just what you need to get in touch with Mother Nature’s brightest and friendliest sea mammals.

But the water fun is not limited to Puerto Vallarta activities. There are other majestic natural places where you can make a splash and feel at peace with total relaxation. One of those places is Marietas Islands, a protected bio reserve where you can snorkel next to a myriad of colorful sea life. Paddleboarding and kayaking will also make for a fun water adventure on this outing.  Another exciting place to visit is Pirates Land, tucked away toward Majahuitas Island where scalawags will sail with you aboard a pirate ship before playing games and trying out water sports in this secluded beach haven. Or how about taking a sea safari in another isolated village next to the sea and close to the Sierra Madre Mountains. On this journey, not only will you get to ride horses, you’ll also snorkel in a hidden cove and relax next to the beach.

The best Puerto Vallarta water activities are waiting for you. Here are the top recommendations from the local experts:





Sail away on a luxury catamaran toward Marietas Islands and its protected natural park that will allow you to encounter incredible sea life and breathtaking seaside settings. Jump right in and snorkel, and even try out kayaking and paddleboarding to really become acquainted with the water.


Ahoy mateys! If you’re a landlubber looking for a great water activity in Puerto Vallarta, take a pirate cruise with friendly scalawags who will entertain you with treasure hunts and high-flying pirate antics on the way to the secluded Majahuitas island, a hidden paradise only accesible by boat.


Relax in the sea next to an indigenous fishing village for some snorkeling fun in a cove far away from civilization. Chill out on a hammock on the beach, and even try your hand at horseback riding into the Sierra Madre mountains for some breathtaking views.


This half-day adventure will give you a complete look at the waters of Puerto Vallarta. Explore the blue coast of Banderas Bay on a single-masted sailboat for an adventure that includes snorkeling and sailing, as well as enjoying food and drinks to accompany the stunning settings.


A can’t-miss water activity in Puerto Vallarta, a dolphin swim is just what you need if you’re an animal lover who wants to get closer to nature’s sweetest and smartest sea mammal. Have a magical time swimming and get a ride by holding on to the dolphin's belly and fin!


Watch one of the most spectacular sunsets as you see the sun sinking into Pacific Ocean coastline, and do it in style aboard a luxury sailboat. Savor wine and hors d'oeuvres as the colors of both sky and sea change to red, and even see the city of Puerto Vallarta come to life into the night.

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