Why take a private tour in Puerto Vallarta?

When you take private excursions in Puerto Vallarta, you experience this astounding destination your own way! The private version of these popular excursions include your very own vehicle and your very own private guide who will show you the way. Whereas in a shared tour you’ll be taking in the destination with total strangers, a private experience in Puerto Vallarta will have you in the company of only your friends or family. This is the perfect way to make you live a more exclusive and more memorable day out in this great Pacific destination. Any of the private excursions here will transport you on a Suburban SUV, so you and your group will travel in absolute comfort thoughout the journey.

Where should you start on your private trek? How about right in the city. Puerto Vallarta is so beautiful because it’s not only an idyllic beach destination, but because it’s got plenty of history and culture right there. Take the private city tour and explore the vibrant downtown area and seaside esplanade to discover all the stories housed within. Then go south to the town of Mismaloya, where you’ll get to view the impressive rock formations of Los Arcos National Marine Park. If you’d like this experience but with an included lunch at a special restaurant, you can take the private tropical tour to really immerse yourself into Puerto Vallarta’s sights — and tastes!

Should you want to venture out even farther away from Puerto Vallarta, we definitely recommend you and your group to take a private tour of San Sebastian, a hidden town nestled away in the Sierra Madre Mountains. This former mining town will show you a place where time stands still with its cobblestone streets, adobe homes and breathtaking mountain views. To explore another hidden jewel near Puerto Vallarta, take the private Sayulita tour and experience a bohemian beach town in Riviera Nayarit. Your guide will tell you the history of this secluded place, and you and your group can chill out like beach bums next to the waves.

Your exclusive look at Puerto Vallarta awaits with these unforgettable private experiences:





The private city tour of Puerto Vallarta will take your friends and family in a comfortable Suburban SUV to view the downtown area and esplanade on the Pacific, and a private guide will tell you the stories behind the monuments and architectural masterpieces before taking you to the town of Mismaloya and its rock formations in the sea before rounding out your adventure with tequila tasting and an optional lunch.


Feel completely at peace with a private excursion in Sayulita, a beach town hidden away in Riviera Nayarit. A Suburban SUV will take only you and your friends and family to a simpler world secluded in a bay lined with palm trees. Follow your private guide through the town square and enjoy free time at the beach in the Pacific Ocean, with an optional lunch at a beachside restaurant to end your day.


Immerse yourself in the views of Puerto Vallarta exclusively in the company your friends and family. Take your private transportation on a Suburban SUV and discover the downtown area and its seaside esplanade with the help of a knowledgeable guide, then go south to see the the rock formations at sea in the town of Mismaloya, concluding your outing with tequila tasting and lunch at an exclusive restaurant.


Travel back into a previous century at the peaceful mountain town of San Sebastian, where you'll go in a private Suburban SUV only with your friends and family as a prrivate guide shows you the way. Walk through the cobblestone streets of this historical village and get breathtaking views of the forests as you see colonial architecture and a simpler way of life. Liquor and coffee tasting are part of this can't-miss private excursion.

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