What are the best outdoor activities in Puerto Vallarta?

Do you hear that? It’s the call of the wild asking you to experience the great outdoor activities of Puerto Vallarta! The astonishing landscapes of mountains and rivers perfectly align with the blue Pacific Ocean, making for some of the most fascinating views you’ll ever have. Add some pulse-racing adrenaline as you’re surrounded by verdant nature, and you’ve got yourself some of the most memorable excursions during any of your vacations.

The best way to rev up your exploration of Puerto Vallarta’s outdoors is with an activity like ATV riding! Step on the gas pedal and set out on the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madre Mountains, encountering the Cuale River, hidden waterfalls and even a great sight of Banderas Bay. You can also experience Puerto Vallarta’s Outdoor Adventure, an activity that gets you zip lining above the verdant canopy and going down an 800-foot waterslide so you can soak yourself in pure adrenaline. If zip lines and water is what you crave, the Canopy River excursion will have you zip lining on 11 lines over a river, into which you’ll splash down. If you’d like to experience this with even more water adventure, add on rafting with the River Expedition and feel the thrill of going down the gentle rapids.

Of course, you can experience the Puerto Vallarta outdoors at a more leisurely pace. With an excursion like the Offroad Adventure, take a safari style truck into the mountains, then hike and experience the way of life of the locals who live surrounded in nature, with a delightful swim in a secluded beach to unwind. Or you can take the leisurely Horseback Riding expedition through the mountains and then relax in a natural pool and next to waterfalls.

What are you waiting for to experience the best outdoor activities in Puerto Vallarta? Let’s go!





Gear up on your Puerto Vallarta vacation with an outdoor activity that’s perfect for adrenaline junkies. Push the gas pedal through the Sierra Madre Mountains, splash through the Cuale River, soak in a natural pool and take a look at hidden waterfalls and the blue waters of Banderas Bay.


Ride in a safari truck deep into Sierra Madre Mountains and then get ready to make your heart race and your body flow with adrenaline! On this journey, you’ll explore the hidden wilderness of Puerto Vallarta by zip lining over the jungle canopy and sliding down a gigantic 800-foot waterslide!


Balance out thrills and wilderness with one of Puerto Vallarta’s best outdoor adventures, the Canopy River. Go on an 11-zip line circuit high above the canopy, taking you as high as 200 feet above ground level and sometimes into the river below! A mule ride is also part of this experience.


Add on to the adrenaline of the 11-zip line circuit of the Canopy River expedition by swinging on a Tarzan rope swing, then take it easy along the gently moving rapids of the river that you zip lined over (and into), with a mule ride and a tequila sampling being part of the journey.


Set out from Puerto Vallarta into the Sierra Madre Mountains and its verdant wilderness to experience a beautiful natural hike and a challenge course to get you really immersed into nature. Then visit a local home of people who live in this green setting and even sample tequila and local delicacies.


Let your loyal steed take you across the green setting of the Sierra Madre Mounatins as you relax and let time pass by peacefully. Enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors and even take a delightful dip in a natural pool created by a gorgeous waterfall before visiting a small village.

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