What types of water activities are there in Puerto Plata?

Let your spirit soak with unforgettable moments and natural fun by trying out the best water activities in Puerto Plata! Because the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea will draw you in with its splendor, feel free to leave your resort to truly be one with the sea. And of course, there are water activities inside the Puerto Plata wilderness, as well as at the most attractive water park on the island. So get off your lounging chair or get out of the resort’s swimming pool, and come experience every water adventure available in the northern Dominican coast.

One of the most obvious ways to explore Puerto Plata by water is on a catamaran cruise, which allows you to simply sit back, relax with a drink and let all the breathtaking open sea amaze you. You can also travel to Cayo Arena, a paradise sandbar that looks like a solitary island, where it’s just you and the group of fellow travelers sharing the openness of the ocean. Make sure to snorkel and encounter colorful sea life as you swim in the Puerto Plata waters. But if you’d rather stay in land and trek through the jungles for an ultimate water adventure, check out Damajagua Waterfalls and explore 12 of its cascades, taking a heavenly dip at a collection of natural pools that get you in touch with nature.

Another amazing place that’s perfect for water activities is Ocean World, the premier aquatic park in the Dominican Republic. At this incredible place next to the ocean, you can be as one with nature as you encounter animal habitats where iguanas, tropical birds and fish make their home. Of course, you can make a splash and get in the water. Do it in style by spending quality time with friendly sea lions who can’t wait to get a hug from you and make your acquaintance. And at Ocean world, the once-in-a-lifetime adventure of swimming with dolphins should be at the top of the list for those seeking the ultimate water adventure.

What are you waiting for? Here are the best water activities in Puerto Plata just for you:

Recommended excursions

Cayo Arena

Depart from the northern Dominican shores aboard a catamaran to the hidden sandbar of Cayo Arena, which the locals have nicknamed Paradise Island. You’ll surround yourself with aquamarine waters in which you can relax and snorkel with the colorful sea life that lives in the area.

Ocean World Royal Swim

Enjoy the most phin-tastic water adventure in Puerto Plata! Spend time swimming with dolphins, the smartest sea mammals in the world, trying out an array of activities such as dolphin kisses, hugs and the dazzling foot push, giving you the feeling of flying through the water!

Damajagua Waterfalls

Explore the gushing waters of Puerto Plata’s wilderness at the breathtaking Damajagua Waterfalls. Make a big splash along 12 incredible cascades and several natural pools they create, which are surrounded by mountain greenery and massive rock formations.

Freestyle Catamaran

Get away with a fantastic catamaran ride through the azure waters of the northern Dominican coast as you surrender all your worries to the vast ocean. During your care-free cruise, enjoy a snorkeling stop so you can swim next to the sea life and the coral reef of Sosua Bay.


Meet the friendliest marine giants during an unforgettable sea lion encounter. Hug and kiss your new friends, who despite their gargantuan size of about 200 pounds, are completely gentle and happy to share sweet moment with you. This is one of the best water activities for animal lovers in Puerto Plata.

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