What outdoor activities can I try in Puerto Plata?

Get away from it all by experiencing the best outdoor activities in Puerto Plata, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a more laid-back lover of nature. The northern sector of the Dominican Republic has a mountain range bursting with greenery and extraordinary displays of wilderness, not to mention the incredible turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea looking northward.

Puerto Plata vacationers will definitely find the perfect combination of of heart-pumping action and chilled-out relaxation as soon as they leave their resort and head out to the majestic natural world. For thrill seekers, one of most complete outdoor activities in Puerto Plata is an extreme mega adventure that takes visitors zip lining high above the countryside that includes jungle and the area near the majestic Damajagua Waterfalls, which you can also visit and swim in. You will arrive to this incredible setting aboard a 6x6 safari truck and you can take it all in during a gentle horse ride. Another exhilarating adventure is off roading on a UTV, powering through the rugged terrain of Puerto Plata and enjoying the fresh air and the sights of nature.

For a more relaxed time in the northern Dominican outdoors, explore the breathtaking greenery and the more rural lifestyle by riding a safari-style truck and meeting the locals who work the plantations where the island’s coffee and chocolate come from. Not to mention, you can also take a revitalizing dip in a freshwater swimming hole, and even unwind at a hidden beach. You can also visit a 280-acre monkey reserve in the middle of the wilderness, to encounter the friendliest rescue monkeys ever, even experiencing another high-flying zip lining adventure above this delectable habitat.

Are you ready to answer the call of the wild side of Puerto Plata? Then try out the best outdoor activities recommended by the local experts:

Recommended excursions


Experience the great outdoors of Puerto Plata with a soaring zip line adventure as you fly over the canopy, along with a journey on a 6x6 safari-style truck to see jungle, waterfalls and more unbelievable sights tucked away in nature. A peaceful horse ride is also part of this expedition.


Interact with the countryside of Puerto Plata with an unforgettable outback safari that gets you in touch with the rural life of the Dominican Republic. Visit a coffee and caco plantation and enjoy swimming in a natural pool and a beach hidden away from civilization.

Damajagua Waterfalls

A must-do outdoor activity in Puerto Plata, visit the breathtaking Damajagua Waterfalls with an excursion that allows you to soak in great times at 12 cascades and natural pools, all surrounded by immense rock formations that form part of the Northern Corridor mountains.


Take flight and soar above a 280-acre property and animal reserve during a thrilling and splendorous zip line adventure. Then come down to earth and interact with friendly rescue monkeys, and go explore some natural sights such as botanical gardens and hidden caves.


Kick it into high gear with a high-power, high-adrenaline UTV trek through the backroads of Puerto Plata. Get your rush of exhilaration as the jungle scenery zooms by at top speed, then unwind with a swim in a hidden river, surrendering every one of your worries to the great outdoors.

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