What to do with the family in Puerto Plata?

Spend quality time with your loved ones exploring the mix of Old World and New World at Puerto Plata, where family activities abound!

This is not your typical resort town next to an inspiringly beautiful Caribbean Sea, though you and your family will find lots of things to do such as sailingsnorkeling, sea life encounters and relaxing on otherworldly beaches. Visitors of all ages can enjoy a vast array of culture and history, as Puerto Plata is one of the oldest cities in the American continent. Regardless of your age, be amazed with a city tour of Puerto Plata, in which you can see the colonial architecture that was built when Christopher Columbus arrived to the Dominican Republic centuries ago.

Additionally, parents and children can feel the thrill of exploring the natural world of Puerto Plata, and a perfect place to do it is at a 5-acre monkey reserve in the Dominican jungle called Monkey Land. Go and interact with friendly monkeys, and even go on zip lines to soar above the place where these lovely animals live and thrive. If the kids (and the adults) can’t wait to be face to face with more animals in the Dominican Republic, how about an unforgettable sea lion encounter to make the acquaintance of some of the wisest and gentlest giants of the sea? They can do this at Ocean World, one of the top water parks in the Caribbean, where they can also explore other animal habitats where iguanas, tropical birds and fish make their home next to the ocean.

The children will also love being surrounded by the azure waters of Puerto Plata, so take the family to a heavenly sandbar off of the northern shore of the island called Cayo Arena. There, you can all snorkel, swim and feel total peace at the place called Paradise Island.

Get the family excited about their Dominican vacation, it’s time to experience the best family activities in Puerto Plata!

Recommended excursions


Have your family meet the friendliest sea mammal giants during a sea lion encounter at the magical Ocean World water park. Even though they weigh about 200 pounds, the sea lions are gentle and fun-loving creatures who are happy to spend time with children and adults alike.


Become amazed by the great culture and history of the Dominican Republic with a family-friendly city tour of Puerto Plata. Regardless of age, you’ll be dazzled by either the colonial architecture of the city, or by the cable car ride to the top of Pico Isabel de Torres mountain.


Soar high above the northern Dominican Republic wilderness with an awe-inspiring zip line flight, and continue exploring the area’s nature as you see botanical gardens and caves, capping off your day encountering rescue monkey at a 280-acre farm and animal reserve.

Ocean World Day Pass

This is one of the most complete family activities in Puerto Plata! Enjoy a full day at the most renowned water park in the Dominican Republic, where you can experience the magic of snorkeling in the sea, as well as encountering animals at an aquarium and at a rainforest habitat.

Cayo Arena

Cruise aboard a catamaran from the fishing town of Punta Rucia and head toward Cayo Arena, a sandbar that’s called Paradise Island because of the heavenly snorkeling and relaxation it provides. You and the family will be surrounded by the clearest aquamarine waters you’ve ever seen.

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