What types of water activities are there in Los Cabos?

With the breathtaking Pacific Ocean on one side and the Gulf of California on the other, it’s impossible not to want to try all the water activities in Los Cabos. Because of this blend of breathtaking waters on the Baja California coast, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some of the best sailing options anywhere in Mexico.

One of the most stylish ways to cruise in Cabo’s waters is by taking a luxury sail aboard a 50-foot Beneteau yacht. Relax as you sip on a fine drink from the open bar, taking in the majestic sights on Cabo’s shores, most notably the Arch, the sea lion colony, Neptune’s Finger, and the famous Divorce and Lovers’ beaches. You can explore the latter one by taking a glass-bottom boat and snorkeling there, for an unforgettable swim with all the sea life you saw when looking down from your boat. You can also experience the magical changing colors of the sky and the ocean during a sunset sail, this being one of the most romantic water activities Cabo has to offer.

If your mood is much more festive during your Cabo vacation, get on a party boat for dancing, music, drinks and great times as you get inspired by the coastline rock formations between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, another name for the Gulf of California. This amazing body of water was dubbed ’the world’s aquarium’ by the legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. See this natural aquarium on a catamaran adventure that involves snorkeling with a plethora of sea life, including friendly sea lions at the natural reserve of Espiritu Santo Island. And if you need more interaction with the sea mammals of Los Cabos, a dolphin swim is just what you need to make a new friend with one of the smartest animals on the planet.

The best water activities in Los Cabos are waiting for you!

Recommended excursions

Luxury Day Sailing

See Los Cabos in style aboard a magnificent 50-foot Beneteau yacht. Refresh with open bar drinks as you cruise on Cabo’s waters to see the natural landmarks, while also trying out snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding before reenergizing with an included lunch.

Wild Snorkeling Party

Try a bit of everything on one of the hottest party boats in Los Cabos. Dance to the music and let the drinks flow while your cruise takes you to the amazing sights around Cabo, then jump into the water for snorkeling next to the colorful marine life in the Pacific Ocean.

Luxury Sunset Sailing

Perhaps the most romantic water activity in Los Cabos, this luxury sail takes you on an inspiring exploration of the Pacific coast as the sun sets and changes the colors of both water and sky. Kick back with open bar drinks and savor hors d’oeuvres with your sweetheart.

Cabo Dolphin Swim Experience

Experience a dolphin swim during your time in Cabo San Lucas for one of the most magical animal encounters you’ll ever have. Ride the dolphin’s belly, swim next to him, learn about what makes this sea mammal so special, and get a nice hug and kiss from your new friend.

Snorkel at Lovers Beach

Let the beauty above and below Los Cabos’ waters enthrall you with this cruise aboard a glass-bottomed boat, which allows you to view the sea life beneath you and the coast-side natural sides around you. Then jump in and snorkel at the peaceful Lovers Beach.

Sea of Cortez Adventures

Cruise aboard a catamaran from the city of La Paz toward the protected biosphere of Espiritu Santo Island, where you get to snorkel next to sea lions, sea turtles, and a wide variety of colorful fish and marine life. Also relax at one of the top beaches in the world.

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