What to do with the family in Los Cabos?

Make your Cabo vacation extra special by traveling with your loved ones. After all, there are so many memorable family activities in Los Cabos, a place surrounded by sea, desert and mountains. With such diversity in landscape, the possibilities are limitless if you’re looking for excellent adventures for visitors of all ages.

A great way to get your family introduced to the magic of Los Cabos is by taking a city tour of both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. You’ll get to natural areas, markets, a glassblowing workshop, and even taking a glass-bottom boat to see the incredible sea life below. If you’d like your family to have an exclusive outing by sea, take a private charter boat that will take you sailing to behold all of Cabo’s iconic sights, such as The Arch, Pelican’s Rock, Neptune's Finger, the sea lion colony and the gorgeous Lovers and Divorce beaches.

If your family would like to get a feel for the natural world of Los Cabos, how about interacting with its fauna? That’s why an encounter with dolphins could be just what your family needs, especially the little ones who will delight in getting dolphin kisses and hugs. Or how about a camel ride, relaxing during a gentle outing through the desert and viewing the great scenery of the wild side of Cabo. A little farther from Cabo is La Paz and Espiritu Santo Island, a protected biosphere where your family can swim with its residents — sea lions! Take a dip and snorkel to see all the colorful sea life swimming next to you and the friendly sea lions of the area. Finally, for a seasonal treat, have the grandest animal encounter around by taking a whale watching expedition. Available during the winter months, this is a unique chance to see some of the largest animals on the planet, a special sight to behold.

Are you ready to try the best family activities in the Cabo area?

Recommended excursions

Cabo Dolphin Encounter

Get in the water with Los Cabos’ magnificent dolphins and give your family an experience they’ll cherish for life. Enjoy dolphin hugs and kisses, learn about this incredible sea mammal’s behaviors and patters, and let them wow you as they perform incredible tricks for you.

Espiritu Santo

Swim with the amazing sea lions who live in the warm waters of Baja California at a natural marine reserve full of colorful sea life. On this journey, your family will sail off to the protected Espiritu Santo Island for a unique snorkeling encounter, as well as time on a secluded beach.

Synergy Private Experience

Explore the coast of Cabo San Lucas in style aboard your very own private luxury sailboat, the 42-foot Synergy. Become inspired by the sights Cabo as you and your family receive the VIP treatment you deserve, delighting in Mexican food and open bar drinks for the adults during the cruise.

Los Cabos Encounter

Come face to face with both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and let your family fall in love with all the sights in these towns. See a natural wetland area and a glassblowing workshop on land, then head off to sea on a glass-bottom boat to view Cabo’s sea life below along with the sights on the coast.

Whale Watching

If your family is visiting Los Cabos between December to March, don’t miss your chance to watch for the amazing whales that bask in the area’s warm waters. Take in the sights aboard a modern double-decker boat and enjoy a Mexican buffet lunch plus open bar drinks for the parents.

Camel Quest

Answer the call of the desert by riding on the back of a towering camel. Not only will you have a memorable ride that takes you to El Tule Canyon, you’ll also play with and feed this friendly animal, and later you’ll be visiting an animal sanctuary full of birds and reptiles.

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