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Xplor Dolphinclusive Supreme

Riviera Maya / Cancun / Tulum


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Dolphinclusive Primax + Xplor is the perfect combination of sea adventures and jungle adrenaline.


    First you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins in a way that will exceed all your expectations. During your swim, you will be able to observe the intelligence and the amazing abilities of these skilled animals. With only 4 participants per group, this special program allows you to spend qualified time swimming with dolphins.

    You'll be able to soothingly caress their backs and their belly, to kiss them and be kissed; but what truly stands out from this swim with dolphins program is the Foot Push activity, where dolphins will propel you with all their strength and glide you through the water! Afterwards, you'll be surprised by their impressive jumps just a few feet away from you.

    Afterwards, you'll head out to Xplor for an All Inclusive adventure where you’ll discover amazing and millennial rock formations and will be able to set out on activities with safe cutting edge equipment: Drive amphibious vehicles on top and under the earth along 6.2 miles; row rafts along two routes in crystal-clear waters one of 580 yards and another of 623 yards; fly through the jungle treetops on the 14 longest zip-lines in Latin America; and swim along a 437 yd. route among thousand-year-old caves.

    Description of Activities

    The Park offers four activities for your enjoyment, each lasting approximately 45 minutes. You are entitled to do each activity once. It all starts and ends at the Heart of Xplor, where you'll find the restrooms, lockers, restaurant/snack bar, shop, refreshment stand, and hammocks and rest area.

    Amphibious Vehicles
    Thanks to these powerful vehicles, Xplorers can travel two circuits, 3.1 miles each, over Xplor's spectacular jungle and enter its fascinating grottoes; with a little luck, you might even see some wild animals! It is a thrilling trek filled with unforgettable moments as you discover the million-year-old secrets of Xplor's grottoes and caves. Inside the caves, the water level rises on parts of the trip, but there's no need to worry—these vehicles are equipped with floaters that don't affect the motor. The tires push you along the water, just like on land.

    Equipment needed: helmet.
    Only people 18 or older may drive. It is mandatory to present a valid ID to prove your age.

    On this unforgettable adventure, Xplorers will row a raft with their own hands along two circuits, one of 580 yards and one of 623 yards, through fascinating grottoes. The maximum water depth is 3 feet, so no life jackets are required. There is 1 shortcut along the route A so you can cut the trip short to save time if you want.

    Equipment needed: helmet and paddles.

    In this thrilling 2.4-mile adventure, Xplorers zip through the treetops for a bird's eye view of the Park's natural wonders as adrenaline pumps through their veins. Take off from any of the 14 Zip-lines, discover two hanging Bridges and end your trip with a refreshing drop into 3 beautiful, deep, natural sinkholes. You hang 147 feet above the ground at the highest point on the trip and plunge up to 30 feet underground in the caves and grottoes along the way! The Park has the most modern equipment and the best-qualified staff to guaranty our visitors' safety at all times.

    Equipment needed: helmet and harness.

    • The minimum required height for this activity is 4.5 feet and the minimum weight is 88 pounds
    • The maximum weight allowed for this activity is 300 pounds

    Stalactite River Swim

    Here's where Xplorers enter into an underground paradise, floating along in life jackets as they delight to the crystal-clear water and impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The river run is 437 yards long and the average water temperature is about 72° F.

    Equipment needed: helmet and life jacket.


    • Swim with dolphins

    Admission to the park includes:

    • Equipment (life jacket, helmet, harness, rowing paddles, raft, amphibious vehicle for 2)
    • Locker for 2 (No deposit needed)
    • All-you-can-eat buffet as many times as you wish during the day
    • Unlimited fruit flavored drinks
    • Hot chocolate when getting out of both rivers
    • Dressing rooms
    • Lockers
    • Restrooms
    • Rest areas
    • Restaurant/snack bar
    • Refreshment stand
    • Customer Service Area
    • Wheelchair access
    • Parking lot
    • Shop
    • ATM
    • Public phones
    • First Aid Unit

    Practical Information

    • Please note that our partner will be providing transportation in their vehicle so that you can enjoy this exciting excursion.

    Good To Know

    • Tour Language: English / Spanish
    • Tour Location(s): Riviera Maya
    • Season: All Year Round
    • Minimum Age Requirement: 8 years old
    • Maximum Age Permitted: 90 years old
    • Minimum Height Requirement: 3.2 ft (1 m)
    • Maximum Weight Permitted: 300 lb (136 kg)
    • Hotel Pick-up Available: Yes
    • Good Physical Condition Required: No
    • Suitable For Children : Yes
    • Suitable For Elderly: Yes
    • Pregnant Woman Allowed: No
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