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Colors of Mexico Taco Tour

Cancun / Riviera Maya / Tulum


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Food is an integral part of the culture of Mexico, and on this Colors of Mexico tour, you will dive headfirst into everything that makes Mexican food so fantastic. With stops at four different restaurants, you will taste "Taco de Cochinita Pibil" a traditional dish from Yucatan, Quintana Roo's neighbor state, "Taco Coapenito" found on typical Mexico City taco menus, "Tacos de Cabeza" for adventurous foodies, and, for what many taco aficionados consider the most traditional taco, " Taco de Pastor". Last, but not least a "Churros or Marquesita" for dessert as you stroll through a downtown park. If you are a fan of Mexican food and are interested in Mexican cultural expressions, you are going to love this tour. You will learn why a taco isn't just a local dish, it's a way of eating.
  • Visit a Yucatecan cuisine restaurant where you will try delicious pulled pork tacos Pibil-style.
  • Stop at a typical Mexico City taco shop known for the Surtido style beef taco.
  • A must-visit to an iconic local restaurant, open for more than 40 years, to taste Tacos de Cabeza, made from all the parts of the head of the cow.
  • Visit a well-known taco restaurant for the world-famous Taco al Pastor, which is pork seasoned with 19 different spices.
  • A final stop at a local park for the most traditional of Mexican desserts.
  • The activity duration is three and half hours (not including transportation time to and from activity) and it includes round trip transportation


A mouth-watering tour of Mexico's taco culture!

Tacos are the lifeblood of Mexico, and Mexicans eat them day and night. Not only are there a lot of traditional Mexican tacos with fantastic flavor combinations but there are also recipes and cooking styles behind them. On this tour, you will learn the basics of the local taco scene as you visit four different and well-known taquerias. You will try several types of iconic tacos, as your friendly, English-speaking guide escorts you through the entire tour, breaking down each one of the tacos you will try. And you will get to try everything! The first stop takes you to El Posito to taste Cochinita Pibil made of pork traditionally prepared with Mayan spices. The second stop is at Coapenitos to taste their Taco Villa Melon, a beefsteak, pork sausage, and deep-fried pork skin combination. The third stop is at the iconic Tacos Rigo to taste Tacos de Cabeza, a taco made for the adventurous ones – yes, the filling is prepared from all the parts of the head of the cow. The fourth stop, La Parrilla, is the spot for the famous Tacos de Pastor made with pork prepared with more than 19 spices and topped with slivers of fresh pineapple. By the way, you will even get to sample classic sides like homemade tortilla chips, guacamoles, and salsa. And don't forget the best part, a sampling of local beer is included at each taqueria. Make sure to bring your appetite, because you’re sure to be stuffed by the end of this tour. In addition to the delicious feast you will enjoy, get ready to immerse into the stories behind these famous tacos that represent styles of cooking from all over the country. But make sure to save room for dessert! Because you will also visit Parque de las Palapas, the most traditional family meeting point in Downton Cancun where you will find food vendors in and around the park. Just wait until you try the traditional Churro or the Marquesita, a Mexican crepe with holland cheese inside for dessert.

Mexican food doesn’t have to be meat

Tacos are for everyone! Even if you’re looking to eat less red meat, or embrace a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, taco mania is still in the cards! On this Taco Extravaganza, there are vegetarian options available to explore, including "Papadzulez”, egg-filled tacos bathed in pepita seed sauce at El Pocito. Coapenitos has a vegetarian taco made with mushrooms, peppers, cheese, and avocado. Tacos Rigo makes a great combination of cactus, onions, and cheese, and so does La Parrilla. There you have it, perfect options for any type of taco cravings.

Yes… Dessert too!

Make sure to save room for dessert! Because you will also visit Parque de las Palapas, a very traditional family meeting point in downtown Cancun where you will find food vendors in and around the park. Just wait until you try a traditional Churro or Marquesita, a Mexican crepe filled with cajeta (Mexican-style caramel), jams, chocolate, or cheese and served by…. of course, rolling it up like a taco! And depending on the day, the park may have many street carts open for some fun souvenir hunting. A wonderfully typical way to enjoy a day in Mexico!

Included In The Excursion

  • Round-trip A/C transportation
  • Professional guides
  • Stops at four local restaurants
  • Stop at a local park
  • Delicious sides of guacamole, chips, and salsa
  • One drink at every stop, your choice of beer, soft drink, or fruit-flavored water
  • Desserts
  • Tips for waiters at each restaurant

Practical Information

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Vegetarian options are available
  • Additional food and beverage options are available for sale
  • Dietary restrictions need to be provided before taking the tour
  • Bring cash for optional souvenirs and tips for your guide (tipping is optional)
  • Please note that our partner will be providing transportation in their vehicle so that you can enjoy this exciting excursion.

Good To Know

  • Tour Language: English / Spanish
  • Tour Location(s): Cancun
  • Season: All year long
  • Duration: Three and half hours
  • Minumum Age Requirement: 5 years old
  • Hotel Pick-up Available: Yes
  • Good Physical Condition Required: No
  • Suitable For Children : No
  • Suitable For Elderly: Yes
  • Pregnant Woman Allowed: Yes
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