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Bijagua's Nature Expedition at Night Signature Experience



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From: $203.00

  • Trek through the rainforest with your expert nature guide leading the way as you soak in the Costa Rican sunset over this protected rainforest
  • Explore and watch the nocturnal animals begin to stir and become active for their nighttime activities
  • Your private nature guide will lead you through rain forest environments
  • Enjoy a top-notch dinner at a nearby hotel restaurant after your nighttime hike through the Costa Rican jungle
  • Get comfortable and ride in private transportations reserved especially for your private group of friends or family
  • Per person rates are based on # of passengers in your party


Head out on your evening trek!

Arrive and receive a safety introduction from expert nature guides before heading out for your evening hike. Your private nature guide will lead you through rainforest environments. The opportunity of being in the forest at night is simply extraordinary! You will hear the sounds of nature and experience nocturnal life in all of its glory. Your vision will become accustomed to being in the dark and you too will start to be able to spot even the smallest creatures in the forest as you hike with only your private group of friends or family.

On this amazing night hike, you will see many insects, amphibians, and mammals that may be difficult to spot during the day. You may also see frogs, snakes, spiders, sleeping birds, kinkajous, and other various animals. This is the habit of the endangered tapir – the largest land mammal in Costa Rica. You might see footprints and other evidence of its presence, although sightings are very rare.

The reserve is surrounded by the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Entry is limited and you'll have exclusive access. This is the real Costa Rican rainforest experience, away from major tourist destinations.

End the evening with a delicious dinner!

Finish your night hike under the moon and stars before heading to a delicious and high-end experience. Enjoy the restaurant's ambiance while reminiscing about all the amazing nocturnal creatures you saw on your amazing nature hike at night!

Included In The Excursion

  • Private a/c transportation, water, guided private walk, bilingual tour guide, nature night walk, snacks, dinner

Practical Information

  • Make your trip a sustainable one: help us keep Costa Rica beautiful and green by disposing of thrash in its proper place.
  • Don’t extract plants or animals from their natural environment.
  • Bring rain gear, extra shoes and dry clothes, towel, swimsuit, camera, sunblock, bug-spray, close-toe shoes.
  • From 6 to 10 years old are considered Children
  • Not pregnant women allowed
  • Not recommended for people with mobility problems
  • Trail will be at slow pace, so, moderate physical condition required.
  • Per person rates are based on # of passengers in your party. Rate decreases as # of passengers increase - up to the maximum.

Good To Know

Tour Language: Spanish/English
Tour Location(s): Costa Rica
Season: All Year
Duration: 6 hours (approx.)
Minumum Age Requirement: 6 years old
Maximum Weight Permitted: No
Hotel Pick-up Available: Yes
Good Physical Condition Required: Yes
Suitable For Children : Yes
Suitable For Elderly: Yes
Pregnant Woman Allowed: No