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What things to do in Lucea?

Lucea is the capital of the parish of Hanover, characterized by its picturesque details, tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, and a wide variety of activities for entertainment. Lucea is best known for its well-liked attractions, such as Fort Charlotte, the Clock Tower, and Hanover Church.

In addition to these places of interest, Lucea offers a variety of excursions for a wonderful family vacation. Swimming with dolphins and learning about these amazing marine mammals is one of the top activities. Another of the best things to do in Lucea is sailing on a catamaran at sunset. These activities offer fun for all ages.

If you are looking to full filling your day with adrenaline, Lucea has several tours of zip lines, ATVs, and horseback riding. An unmissable activity is to explore the wonderful Black River with a boat ride to observe the flora and fauna of the place.

Another famous excursion in Lucea is the YS waterfalls tour. A picturesque activity where you will see how seven waterfalls flow into natural pools in the middle of lush gardens. This experience is sure to take your breath away.

However, if you want to see the most famous waterfalls in Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls, we recommend choosing a tour that includes the Blue Hole to make the most of your time. Immerse yourself in these two beautiful places in Jamaica!

Finally, for those interested in history and culture, there are different tours focused on Bob Marley, Reggae, and the Rastafarian culture. If you still do not know what activities to do in Lucea, we share a list selected by travel experts:

Recommended excursions

Cool Runnings Dunns river day cruise

Climb the 600-foot Dunn's River Falls and get an amazing and refreshing look at the nature that surrounds this must-see Jamaican landmark. Additionally, explore the turquoise Caribbean Sea aboard a boat and jump right in to discover the incredible coral reef by snorkeling.


Luminous lagoon

Get an all-natural light show with an evening sail across Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon, whose waters illuminate with phosphorescent blue colors thanks to tiny creatures called dinoflagellatesFeel free to take a dip and see how the water begins to glow whenever you move around.


Jamwest Super Deal

Come live an exciting 3-in-1 combination of activities at Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park, one of Jamaica’s most exciting places for both thrill-seekers and more moderate travelers alike!

Couple on a Horseback from the Jamwest motorsports and adventure park

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