What are some outdoor activities in Montego Bay?

Jamaica has it all — sea, rivers, mountains and a wide-open jungle of wilderness. So during your Montego Bay vacation, try the outdoor activities that will make your heart race with adrenaline as you encounter the greenery all around you.

For some on-land thrills, hop aboard an ATV or a buggy to explore the jungle at top speed. Traverse the rolling hills and vast scenery tucked away in the wilderness of Jamaica, as you shift your all-terrain vehicle’s gears from high to higher. At times, you might even encounter a wet dirt trail, but it’s always fun to accelerate through it to splash yourself with mud and with incredible fun.

The adrenaline rush of Jamaica isn’t exclusive to land expeditions, though. You can also conquer the air by zip lining high above the jungle canopy. Experience the sensation of flying faster than a bird, taking in the fascinating view of the trees below you, letting all the exhilaration electrify your body as you zoom on your zip line cable.

Once you’ve conquered both land and air, it’s time to experience more thrills by taking Montego Bay’s outdoor activities on water. You simply must experience a fun kayaking or inner tubing adventure by going down Jamaica’s river rapids. Make a splash as you soak in the freshwater, every once in a while slowing down to simply relax as you take in the wonderful nature surrounding the river. Speaking of slowing it down, you can always count on going at your own leisurely pace by riding a horse or a camel through the back country, or even taking a gentle segway ride through the natural landscapes.

So whether you drive an ATV, zip line over the jungle, go down river rapids or simply take it slow on horseback, there are plenty of outdoor activities in Montego Bay for you to enjoy the fresh air.

Recommended excursions


Mix adrenaline with adventure, colonial history and natural scenery with this must-try outdoor activity in the Montego Bay area. Steer a dune buggy or ATV, zip line above the canopy, go down river on an inner tube or kayak, and explore the 18th century Great House and a nearby aviary.


Feel the all-terrain rush of conquering Jamaica’s rugged backroads with a guided expedition as you pilot your very own ATV. Add on a soaring zip line adventure above the jungle, and relax on a tubing jaunt on the Great River as you surround yourself with Montego Bay’s great outdoors.


Welcome to the wild side of Jamaica, where you’re in control of your own ATV as you hit the gas pedal over the bumpiest terrain on the island. Explore the mountains and a citrus plantation, as well as dirt roads that lead you to a colonial-era estate and rural communities.


Get ready for the ultimate high-flying adventure by soaring on the 1,600-foot Big Timba zip line, the longest line in Jamaica! This adrenaline-filled journey also includes four other zip lines above the community of Lethe Estates, tucked away along the Great River.


Choose from a variety of outdoor activities at the legendary Yaaman Adventure Park, a place that blends culture and nature in the middle of the rainforest. Try a muddy buggy ride, take a slower segway excursion or camel ride, even learn how to cook some of Jamaica’s best dishes.


Giddy up for one of the most special outdoor adventures in the Montego Bay area with a horseback ride unlike any other. Not only will you get plenty of fresh air by galloping along the countryside, your loyal steed will also take you inside the turquoise Caribbean Sea!

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