What are the best outdoor activities in Huatulco?

Make sure you answer the call of the wild — there’s so much to experience with great outdoor activities of Huatulco! This magical destination in the Mexican state of Oaxaca offers unbelievable mountain scapes, rivers and a fascinating backdrop of blue Pacific Ocean. When you add exhilarating adventures as nature envelops you, you’ve got a perfect getaway for a nature loving adrenaline junkie like you.

If you’re ready to unleash your inner daredevil in Huatulco’s outdoors, try an activity like the ATV adventure! Push the pedal to the metal, let ‘er rip and get lost in the back roads leading to the Sierra Madre Mountains. On this exhilarating jaunt, you’ll also get to ride through a beach, feeling the ocean breeze on your face. Then take a nice break to swim in the blue waters of the Pacific to get an all-encompassing experience.

Should you prefer to mix your excitement with freshwater refreshment, you simply must go through the rapids of the Copalita River for an unforgettable river rafting adventure aptly named Huatulco Paradise. This is much gentler outing, but still fascinating enough to excite your senses. Plus, you get to try out snorkeling in the ocean and even take a mud bath to end your day on a spa-cial note.

And if you really just want to experience the fauna of Huatulco’s great outdoors, check out the Crocs and Turtles tour and encounter the amazing reptiles of the region. This journey takes you to the National Turtle Research Center, whose efforts are key in protecting these magnificent animals. You’ll also get to visit an eco-community project to see how the locals make a difference on the area’s environment with reforestation efforts to protect the reptiles’ habitat around the mangroves.

So answer the call — the great outdoors of Huatulco and its unforgettable activities are waiting for you!





Feel the adrenaline rush with this premier outdoor activity in Huatulco. Hit the gas pedal and go full speed ahead into the wilderness on your very own ATV. Let the exhilaration pulsate through your body as you traverse dirt roads and beaches, but slow down to take a swimming break in the blue Pacific.


Encounter the majesty of Huatulco’s natural world with this gentle rafting adventure along the Copalita River. Then immerse yourself in the Pacific with a snorkeling jaunty all before you get an all-natural spa treatment with an Aztec mud bath.


Take a canoe ride and explore Huatulco’s outdoors to arrive to an eco-community dedicated to reforesting and repopulating Huatulco’s crocodile and turtle population, which you’ll get to encounter on this environmentally friendly excursion.

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