What to do with the family in Huatulco?

It’s a great idea to take a family vacation in beautiful Huatulco, Mexico. It means having a chance to relax in luxury as you’re all surrounded by stunning landscapes. The combination of the imposing Sierra Madre Mountains and the astonishing Pacific Ocean will inspire the whole family to get out of your all-inclusive resort and really explore a nature filled world. So, what choices do you have for trying out the best family activities in Huatulco? It depends on whether you’re wanting to explore the area via land or by sea.

A good way to start is by taking the family on a city tour of Huatulco. Get acquainted with the village of La Crucecita, located next to the resort area of Huatulco, and let your guide introduce you to its colorful sights, including its church and marketplace. For the families who are passionate about history and culture, you can explore the Rio Copalita archaeological site and its pyramids, where you’ll explore ruins dating back to 500 BC. The kids will especially love this excursion, as you’ll go birdwatching and spotting the native birds of Huatulco. You can also take your family way up to the waterfalls of the Sierra Madre Mountains to get a throughly refreshing experience that’s ideal for visitors of all ages.

Should your family want to continue experiencing the magic of water, what better place to go than the ocean. The most comfortable way to do this is by taking a private yacht to seven bays of Huatulco, in which it’ll be only you and your family members exploring the blue Pacific Ocean. You can also try a shared cruise on the seven bays with guests from other resorts, this being a more budget-friendly activity. If the family just wants to take a dip in the blue Pacific waters, try an express snorkeling and jet skiing tour for a thoroughly refreshing time.

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Take a family getaway from the Huatulco resort area to the small neighboring village of La Crucecita, a place bursting with magical folklore and flavor. On this guided excursion, your family will see a colorful church, a historic town square and an authentic Mexican market.


A perfect activity for culture-loving families in Huatulco is this guided tour at the Rio Copalita archaeological site. Kids and adults alike will be amazed by the ruins, temples, plazas and an archaeological museum, along with bird watching to get in touch with the area's nature.


Encounter the magic of seven bays of Huatulco as the sun and the ocean breeze relax the entire family. Also, enjoy a snorkeling jaunt in the Pacific with its colorful marine life. This adventure also includes some time to lounge around on the beaches of the Oaxaca coast 


Get an exclusive, more luxurious experience by chartering your very own yacht, where only you and your family will be the passengers. Let your captain take you through the Pacific Ocean and see breathtaking scenery, while the adults savor drinks from the open bar.


Explore the blue waters of four of Huatulco’s bays on a jet ski and feel the thrill as you hit higher speeds. Then wind it down and take it easy by snorkeling at various coral reef formations along the bays, discovering a colorful array of marine life and habitats.


Immerse your family in nature by taking them to the verdant Sierra Madre Mountains, where stunning waterfalls will refresh both young and old alike. This excursion also features a visit to a coffee plantation for a look at where some of the most delicious coffee comes from.

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