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Los Cabos


Los Cabos, one of the most beautiful and exclusive destinations in Mexico, is located at the end of the Baja California Peninsula. Comprised of three distinct localities: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Tourist Corridor that runs between them, until recently Los Cabos had primarily been an elite playground for the rich and famous. More recently, Los Cabos has enjoyed a significant boom of development that has produced word-class resorts, luxurious marinas, and fine dining options for a wider public.

In spite of its rapid growth, Los Cabos still maintains its picturesque villages and traditions. A favorite for golf enthusiasts and a magical vacation spot, Los Cabos is a world-renowned destination for sport fishing. So much so that on any given morning it is often possible to see more than 200 charter boats leaving the crowded marina.

Whether you are looking to satisfy your hunger for adventure, relaxation, or are longing for sizzling evenings partying in what many people refer to as the “Wild, Wild West” of Mexican nightlife, Los Cabos has it all! Take a look at the wide variety of products we have carefully chosen and turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy of a day filled with beautiful sea life, yummy Mexican food, refreshing drinks and the clear blue sky as your background.

From: $ 70.00 tour details

Join us on the City Tour a 'must do' local adventure! Spend the day touring, shopping and sighthseeing along the most famous attractions of Los Cabos.

From: $ 75.00 tour details

Explore a unique underwater paradise! The one thing you cannot miss when you visit Los Cabos is the snorkel experience. If you think the beauty of Los Cabos is framed by the dramatic contrast of the ocean, mountains and the desert, wait to experience our snorkel adventure, the real beauty is guarded in the largest aquarium of the world! and you are just about to get immersed in it.

From: $ 75.00 tour details

Go off the beaten path on your way to discovering Baja’s capitol city of La Paz. Explore small historical villages; enjoy wonderful gastronomic experiences, fantastic vibes and pristine beaches that very few people visit. La Paz’s historical center and the Marina Walk itself are worth the trip. Prepare yourself for an adventure that will bring you memories that last a lifetime.

From: $ 95.00 tour details

Enjoy the best of Los Cabos on a full day tour to the 'Magical Town' of Todos Santos! A vibrant mix of Tropical paradise and century old architecture and traditions. Visit art galleries, museums and enjoy the unique experience of this charming small Mexican town!

From: $ 80.00 tour details

Marvel at the famous Arch of Los Cabos and explore the majestic beauty of the Gulf of California and discover incredible land and seascapes on the Lands End Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

From: $ 42.00 tour details

Meet Los Cabos largest visitors! Gray whales visit us every year from December to April. They come all the way from Alaska and Siberia, migrating around 6,000 miles for the purpose of reproducing and giving birth to their calves. Cabo San Lucas is one of their favorite shores to do so!

From: $ 84.00 tour details

Sail across the natural wonders of Cabo San Lucas on board a luxurious triple deck catamaran. Prepare to snap unforgettable pictures as sun melts with the sea while you enjoy stunning surroundings and a deliciuos gourmet dinner.

From: $ 110.00 tour details

Spend an incredible afternoon sailing along the coast of Los Cabos in a sunset cruise. Enjoy the views and take amazing pictures to frame moments you will never forget.

From: $ 46.00 tour details

The most exciting and complete program with dolphins! Begin your adventure meeting the professional trainers as they teach you all you wanted to know about these amazing mammals.

From: $ 160.00 tour details

Dive into the intricate tastes and complex history of Mexico's iconic liquor on the Baja Tequila Tasting Tour.

From: $ 94.00 tour details

Camels are one of the friendliest and most loving animals you will ever meet. When you are with them, you lose track of time and get entranced by their gentle, peaceful and fun personalities. The Los Cabos Camel Quest takes you on a journey through the El Tule oasis located in the bottom of the canyon.

From: $ 95.00 tour details

This zip line experience is the best outdoor activity you can do, the ultimate adventure. The fun starts as you get connected to the cable by capable instructors. Then, you are off the platform and above the cliffs and canyons! Fly at over 300 feet in the air and at 50 miles per hour across several miles of cables with only the wind at your side and nothing above you but clear sky. Once it's over you'll have only one thing in your mind: "I want to do it again!"

From: $ 94.00 tour details

Swim with us and snorkel among the colorful tropical fish at the spectacular bay of Santa Maria Bay.

From: $ 56.00 tour details

You consider yourself an active traveler with a great sense of adventure? Get ready and don't miss the BEST tour in town, Los Cabos Outdoor Adventure Tour! Prepare for zip lining, wall climbing, double cross rappel lines and a thrilling back drop off the Boca de Sierra National Park.

From: $ 0.00 tour details

Take on a voyage of discovery and wonder on the outback and camel safari tour. A half day adventure that takes you across the white sands of a private beach for an exciting camel ride, breathtaking views and later, delicious Mexican cuisine and tequila tasting.

From: $ 103.00 tour details
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