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Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is one of Mexico’s most beautiful Pacific coast beach destinations. A sleepy paradise snuggled between the dark-blue waters of the Pacific and the lush green mountain sides of the Sierra Madre range. Whereas Zihuatanejo is the small, picturesque fishing village where early inhabitants first settled, Ixtapa, located a short 4 miles up the coast from her older sister, boasts modern upscale resorts, a luxury marina, world-class golf courses, and full tourist services. Tropical resort destinations are usually synonymous with fresh daily, mouth-watering seafood and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo doesn’t disappoint. Many local residents still fish for a living and it’s not uncommon to see restaurant staff in the early morning hours collecting the daily catch for their menu specials of the day. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offers a variety of options to satisfy your hunger for adventure, fishing, diving, shopping, and of course sizzling evenings partying at a club or laid-back nights sipping mezcal at a beachfront hut. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo definitely has something for everyone. We have carefully hand-picked a wide variety of quality products which will turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience. Have a look and let us show you all that Ixtapa has to offer!

Best Day Tours in Ixtapa

Bird watchers wont want to miss the chance to visit Ixtapas Aztlan Eco-Park and Playa Linda. Youll get a chance to spot a variety of bird species like mottled owls, mangrove swallows, spot-breasted orioles, blue-footed boobies, red-billed pigeons, white-bellied wrens, egrets, herons, and many more.

From: $ 59.00 tour details

Experience real adventure with this Adventour to Ixtapa Island. Bike through a jungle, visit a crocodile pit, kayak in the ocean, snorkel in the sea and enjoy lunch on an island beach. This all-day excursion includes an 8-mile coastal bike ride, 1-hour sea kayaking and 1-hour snorkeling. Are you up for the challenge?

From: $ 79.00 tour details

The secluded bays and white-sand beaches of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo beckon visitors to experience quiet beauty and lush tropical landscapes. What better place to do it than at Playa Las Gatas, Ixtapas isolated paradise accessible mainly by boat. Relax on this serene beach, snorkel in the turquoise blue waters, and enjoy an included lunch on your getaway.

From: $ 39.00 tour details

Adventure lovers will get their kicks with this soaring excursion high above the trees in Ixtapa, Mexico. This thrilling adventure takes guests of all ages on an ecological tour of Ixtapa from the secure lines traversing across the trees. In total, youll have a chance to fly across 11 zip lines, as well as trample across hanging bridges.

From: $ 60.00 tour details

You've spent plenty of time on the sandy beaches and blue Pacific waters, now go on an Ixtapa city tour to explore the charming fishing town of Zihuatanejo. This afternoon getaway takes you along the cobbled streets of a town that dates back more than 500 years. Walk by markets and palm-covered restaurants as your knowledge guide tells you everything about this area's rich history.

From: $ 42.00 tour details

Exploring the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo resort area becomes magical when you board a 75-foot dual-hulled sailboat for a sailing sunset Ixtapa cruise. You might even spot dolphin pods playfully dart about and migrating whales breech nearby on your evening excursion that includes a light dinner.

From: $ 65.00 tour details

Experience the heritage and history of two of Mexicos most outstanding Pacific coast towns: Zihuatanejo, a former fishing village that maintains its charm even as the population has grown in size; and Petatlan, where miracles are said to take place. This guided combo tour explores both towns and features a traditional lunch for you to enjoy during your pilgrimage.

From: $ 72.00 tour details

Mexico is more than beautiful beaches and adventures. It is filled with exciting ancient history. Although it became a country in 1824, its people and culture go back to the ancient Mesoamerican period in 8,000 B.C. The new Xihuacan archaeological excursion and museum introduces you to the history behind the country, before the Spanish settlers, and is perfect for history buffs and those wanting to understand Mexican culture.

From: $ 75.00 tour details
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