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Huatulco is one of Mexico’s newest tourism development areas. Set in the colorful state of Oaxaca, this destination stretches 22 miles along the cobalt-blue Pacific Ocean and boasts 9 famous bays and 36 pristine and well-protected beaches. The area surrounding Huatulco is lush and exuberant with banana, papaya, coconut, and coffee plantations hidden amidst the beautiful, jungle-covered mountainside that slopes easily into the Pacific. During your stay in this laid-back paradise, you’ll experience rich cultural history as well as plenty of places to satisfy your souvenir and gift hunting needs. You’ll find typical regional Mexican crafts such as traditional clothing, embroidered items, gold and silver jewelry, Oaxacan black pottery, and colorful wooden sculptures in the markets of La Crucecita and Santa Cruz. Whether you choose hopping from beach to beach on fun catamaran tours, snorkeling calm waters, white-water rafting, driving ATVs, horseback riding in the mountains, or just soaking up the sun, Huatulco has something for everyone. We have hand-picked a wide variety of quality products which will turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience. Let us show you all that Huatulco has to offer!

Leave the Huatulco resort area behind and take a magical visit to the smaller neighboring village of La Crucecita. This guided excursion lets you explore a town whose coastal charm includes a colorful church, a historic town square, centuries-old architecture, and authentic Mexican markets where you can enjoy some quality shopping.

From: $ 35.00 tour details

Immerse yourself into Huatulcos wonders with this adventure full of sea and sun, which you can only experience by riding a cruiser-style boat. Visit private beaches, see stunning scenery and rock formations, and go snorkeling next to coral reefs and colorful sea life.

From: $ 55.00 tour details

Hop on a powerful four-wheel drive ATV to explore the most beautiful areas surrounding Huatulco. This scenic adventure takes you along rugged jungle and mountain terrains as you travel along dirt roads at sizzling speeds. To top it all off, take a break at a beautiful beach for a chance to swim in the Pacific Oceans blue waters.

From: $ 110.00 tour details

Anyone can visit the beaches of Huatulco, but not everyone takes the path toward the unexpected riches inland. You can do it at an eco-community on this guided crocs and turtles tour, which will let you discover how locals are helping Huatulcos flora and fauna. Hop aboard a large canoe and enjoy an eco-friendly day surrounded by the green beauty of the Mexican Pacific.

From: $ 55.00 tour details

Reach 3 levels of heaven by taking a half-day town tour of Huatulco, and discover the magic that lies between the seashore and the mountains. First, wander the streets of a small village and absorb its architecture; then, take a coffee break from 5,000 feet above sea level; finally, visit a picturesque home and meet the locals for an unforgettable time in an authentically beautiful side of Mexico.

From: $ 55.00 tour details

Discover the natural beauty of Oaxaca on an exciting Huatulco snorkeling and rafting adventure, with an Aztec mud bath to top it off. Enjoy the beauty of Mexico by snorkeling in Oaxacas ocean coastline, then glide down the Copalita River for some gentle rafting, and finish with a mineral-rich mud bath where the river and ocean join together as one.

From: $ 65.00 tour details

Explore the Mexican ruins and birds of Huatulco at Bocana del Rio Copalitas eco-archaeological park, and uncover Oaxacas past. History and bird lovers will especially love this site, located in Santa Maria Huatulco. Enjoy this new archaeological reserve and its stunning views, from the river across a variety of landscapes, to cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

From: $ 50.00 tour details

Head to the outskirts of the resort area and visit the township of Santa Maria Huatulco, also known as Old Huatulco, on a relaxing outing that will explore Mexican culture and colonial history. You'll encounter locals to learn about tortilla making, textile weaving and mezcal tasting, while taking in scenery made up of rivers and mountains of the Sierra Madre.

From: $ 55.00 tour details

Join a VIP sunset cruise and experience a romantic evening with your loved one, far removed from the crowds of Oaxacas beaches. Take in the quiet beauty aboard a boat as the sun sets into the Pacific Ocean, witnessing incredible sea life while enjoying snacks and plenty of drinks.

From: $ 55.00 tour details
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