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Welcome to Mexico Mexico is a country full of colorful traditions and an intricately woven national legacy built upon layer after layer of diverse cultures and their encounters. Over the bed of a lake what would be one of the world’s most populous cities was built, and over the pyramids and ceremonial centers of the Maya and Aztec, among others, the conquering Spaniards built their churches and plazas. Out of this fusion of the complex textures of history emerged the Mexican nation. Modern Mexico is home to 59 different indigenous languages and over 116 million people. The geographical diversity of Mexico is evident in the diversity of the different cultural traditions throughout the country. From gastronomy to handicrafts, colors, languages, jewelry and the arts, each region of Mexico shines for the outstanding qualities of its particular traditions. Today, Mexico is one of the countries that receive the greatest number of tourists from all over the world. Enchanted by the picture perfect images of white sand beaches, imposing pyramids, the kaleidoscope of colors of the Caribbean Sea and the mysticism and grandeur of ancient civilizations, those fortunate enough to get to know Mexico and its people fall in love with the landscapes and are completely won over by the warmth and generosity of the people. To visit Mexico is to experience the amazing fusion of some of nature’s most beautiful creations together with resourceful and friendly people that call this country their home. With over 25 years’ experience providing world-class services at Mexico’s top tourist destinations, Amstar is your gateway to what is soon to be an unforgettable experience.