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Welcome to Mexico Mexico is a country full of colorful traditions and an intricately woven national legacy built upon layer after layer of diverse cultures and their encounters. Over the bed of a lake what would be one of the world’s most populous cities was built, and over the pyramids and ceremonial centers of the Maya and Aztec, among others, the conquering Spaniards built their churches and plazas. Out of this fusion of the complex textures of history emerged the Mexican nation. Modern Mexico is home to 59 different indigenous languages and over 116 million people. The geographical diversity of Mexico is evident in the diversity of the different cultural traditions throughout the country. From gastronomy to handicrafts, colors, languages, jewelry and the arts, each region of Mexico shines for the outstanding qualities of its particular traditions. Today, Mexico is one of the countries that receive the greatest number of tourists from all over the world. Enchanted by the picture perfect images of white sand beaches, imposing pyramids, the kaleidoscope of colors of the Caribbean Sea and the mysticism and grandeur of ancient civilizations, those fortunate enough to get to know Mexico and its people fall in love with the landscapes and are completely won over by the warmth and generosity of the people. To visit Mexico is to experience the amazing fusion of some of nature’s most beautiful creations together with resourceful and friendly people that call this country their home. With over 25 years’ experience providing world-class services at Mexico’s top tourist destinations, Amstar is your gateway to what is soon to be an unforgettable experience.

Full Day Isla Mujeres (Cancun, Riviera Maya)

This Isla Mujeres Day tour combines Caribbean beauty and unique island culture with a tropical jungle experience. Feel the breeze, sit back and get ready for an exciting day of sailing, snorkeling, great food, fun and breathtaking views. Let friendly crew members guide you through a fun-packed day of snorkeling, swimming, and shopping – a perfect combination.

From: $ 77.00 tour details
Xel-Ha All Inclusive / Cancun Passion (Cancun, Riviera Maya)

Spend a full day in one of the greatest ecological parks of the Riviera Maya: Xel-Ha! This enormous and natural aquatic park is filled with lagoons, cenotes, jungles, marine life, and more, and with the all-inclusive day trip, you will not be lacking things to do. In fact, you will want to do everything!

From: $ 132.00 tour details
Tulum Half Day Tour (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel)

This guided half-day trip is a tale of two cities: ancient ruins and a quaint modern township with plenty of beach life. Both are facets of Tulum, a stylish Riviera Maya town that has preserved its unique Mayan archaeological sites with some of the most stunning views of the ocean. So begin your excursion by staring out to sea from an ancient look-out before seeing the 21st century town when you experience the ultimate Tulum half-day tour: nature and culture rolled into one!

From: $ 65.00 tour details
Rhythms of The Night (Puerto Vallarta)

Are you ready for everything the night has to offer? The breathtaking, fun and cultural Rhythms of the Night experience is magic waiting to happen. You will cruise down to admire the sunset from the sea before heading to a private cove: Las Caletas. As the stars begin to shine, you will enjoy a buffet dinner, brilliant show and an open bar.

From: $ 122.00 tour details
Coba Mayan Encounter (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel)

Have an unforgettable brush with tradition on this Coba Mayan encounter. Maybe you are an adventurer who wants to learn how to fly above an impressive cenote (sinkhole) that is 55 feet deep into the ground? Or maybe you are more of a flower-fanatic who is looking to learn about the local flora and fauna? Or you want to do both! Either way, this trip will furnish you with both practical and interesting knowledge as you explore the jungle setting.

From: $ 132.00 tour details
Caletas (Puerto Vallarta)

The exclusive Las Caletas beach hideaway is all yours to discover in this full-day experience in Puerto Vallarta. Take it easy at the beach or spa; take up an oar in a sea kayak through the Pacific Ocean, or take in the awesome, imposing beauty of the Mexican jungle.

From: $ 132.00 tour details

Coco Bongo is one of Cancun's top entertainment spots and a world-famous attraction! Perfectly located in the center of Cancun's Hotel Zone, you will discover the real meaning of a fiesta in Mexico at Coco Bongo Cancun, where non-stop fun is included. It is the place to go in Cancun, with all-night entertainment on an epic scale and an off the hook party any time of the year. You can also take advantage of a gold ticket pass and give yourself access to all areas with unlimited premium drinks. What are you waiting for? Party time!

From: $ 66.00 tour details

The world-famous Arch of Los Cabos; the majestic Gulf of California; the endless incredible seascapes; a universe of underwater life. All are ready and waiting to delight you and to take your breath away on the Land’s End Glass Bottom Boat in Cabo San Lucas. See into the waters beneath you without getting wet; however, if the water is calling you, there is always the added option for some beach hopping and snorkeling if you fancy having a dip.

From: $ 17.00 tour details
Marietas Eco Discovery (Puerto Vallarta)

The Marietas Islands tour really does have a world of beautiful secrets ready to be discovered. You are invited to snorkel, kayak, explore the wonders and soak up the ambiance of the wonderful Marietas Islands in Puerto Vallarta. There is a wealth of activities to choose from, whether you are going offshore in a luxury catamaran, diving beneath the crystal-clear waters, or taking in the wonders of the deep with a whale watching safari during whale season from December to March.

From: $ 80.00 tour details

How about a jam-packed day of fun complete with an all-terrain vehicle and Cozumel snorkeling? Taking you from the rocks to the reefs, this is a day of fun in the sun. To begin, you will take in the ancient ruins in San Gervasio, and then ride on across the island to Hacienda Antigua. Finally, cool off by snorkeling in a beautiful spot. That is one exciting day!

From: $ 110.00 tour details
Xoximilco (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel)

Do you think you have seen everything Cancun has to offer? Think again! At Xoximilco Cancun, the call of the jungle echoes through the leafy terrain. You will board a gondola-like boat to embark on a magical ride through specially built waterways or “chinampas” in the middle of the Mexican Caribbean jungle. Get ready for a great night of music, culture and a fun atmosphere.

From: $ 84.00 tour details
Tulum Xtreme (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel)

Tulum Xtreme combines the very best of Tulum adventure tours, offering up amazing culture and adventure all in one day! Begin by travelling back in time to admire the ancient and ethereal city of Tulum. Then go fly over the jungle on thrilling zip lines, get that rush of adrenaline as you rappel down into a cenote, and spot incredible underwater life as you snorkel in its crystal-clear waters.

From: $ 104.00 tour details
Captain Hook (Cancun, Riviera Maya)

If you are looking for a dinner cruise with a real difference — then here it is. All aboard the Captain Hook Dinner Cruise in Cancun! Take to the waters in an 18th century replica of a Spanish Galleon. Enjoy a sun kissed evening filled with laughter, music, dancing, food, great games and contests, and even greater sea tales, as you are entertained by Captain Hook himself, before winding down under a starlit sky.

From: $ 66.00 tour details
Extreme Canopy (Cancun, Riviera Maya)

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be King or Queen of the Jungle? Now you can! At Extreme Canopy you will feel the rush as you fly from treetop to treetop, soaring over the unspoiled jungle on a thrilling zip line circuit in Cancun. Then, you will take an all-terrain, mud-seeped safari truck ride to a mystic cenote for a refreshing swim and tons more fun and excitement!

From: $ 94.00 tour details
Tropical Tour (Puerto Vallarta)

With the Pacific Ocean’s waters hovering on the horizon, discover the beauty of Puerto Vallarta in this Tropical Tour. You will explore the top local attractions and end up with a party spirit as you wind down at the tequila distillery.

From: $ 57.00 tour details
La Paz Day Trip (Los Cabos)

Go off the beaten path on your way to discovering Baja California’s capital city of La Paz. Explore small historical villages, enjoy wonderful gastronomic experiences, and relax on secluded and pristine beaches along the Sea of Cortez with a La Paz day tour. La Paz’s historical center and the Marina Walk itself are worth the trip. Prepare yourself for an adventure that will bring you memories that last a lifetime!

From: $ 104.00 tour details
Todos Santos Day Trip (Los Cabos)

Leave Los Cabos behind to explore Baja California’s magical town of Todos Santos. This vibrant tropical paradise combines beautiful traditions and century-old architecture, where you can visit art galleries and museums and enjoy the unique experience of this charming small Mexican town.

From: $ 80.00 tour details
Lovers Sunset Dinner (Los Cabos)

Celebrate a day’s end at Cabo San Lucas Lands’ End by going aboard a sunset cruise featuring a gourmet dinner and drinks with live entertainment. This location on the Baja Peninsula’s Pacific coast is one of the best places to watch the sky transform into a series of reds, oranges, pinks and purples over the ocean.

From: $ 110.00 tour details
All Terrain Xrail Expedition (Cozumel, Riviera Maya)

Combine a thrilling all-terrain vehicle ride through Cozumel’s jungles with a swim inside the island’s most unique underwater caverns. This Xrails Cozumel getaway puts you in charge of your own off-road buggy to the beautiful green waters of Jade Caverns, where you will float through tunnels beneath stalactites.

From: $ 166.00 tour details

Bird watchers will not want to miss this chance to visit one of Ixtapa’s most populated ecological parks, where you can spot mottled owls, mangrove swallows, spot-breasted orioles, blue-footed boobies, red-billed pigeons, white-bellied wrens, egrets and herons. Bring your camera to capture the various species found in Aztlan Ecological Park and Playa Linda.

From: $ 56.00 tour details

Experience real adventure with an "Adventour" to Ixtapa Island. You will bike through a jungle, visit a crocodile pit, kayak in the ocean, snorkel in the sea and enjoy lunch on an island beach. This heavy-duty all-day excursion includes an 8-mile coastal bike ride, 1 hour sea kayaking and 1 hour snorkeling. Up for the challenge?

From: $ 75.00 tour details
Flyboard (Los Cabos)

Zip ling? Check. Jet skiing? Check. ATV adventures? Check. In need of something new that will raise your heartbeat and give you a thrill of a lifetime? Try flyboarding! What is Cabo flyboard? Strapping into water boards with water jets to propel you 50 feet above the water, allowing you to ride sky waves on one of the most unique and exciting outings in Cabo.

From: $ 189.00 tour details
Xihuacan (Ixtapa)

Mexico is more than beautiful beaches and adventures. It is filled with exciting ancient history. Although it became a country in 1824, its people and culture go back to the ancient Mesoamerican period in 8,000 B.C. The new Xihuacan archaeological excursion and museum introduces you to the history behind the country, before the Spanish settlers, and is perfect for history buffs and those wanting to understand Mexican culture.

From: $ 71.00 tour details
Canopy Costa Azul (Los Cabos)

Ready for some adventure? Soar above a rugged canyon, rappel down rocky faces, and bravely cross a suspended bridge with this zip line excursion outside of Los Cabos. Located near San Jose del Cabo and just 30 minutes from Los Cabos, you are sure to spend a day with a smile on your face when you zip line above the Canopy Costa Azul.

From: $ 94.00 tour details
Royal Garrafon (Cancun, Riviera Maya)

Journey in luxury and style through the Caribbean’s clear blue water to Isla Mujeres for a full day of adventure, excitement and heart-stopping beautiful scenery. The highlight of the day is the natural reef in Garrafon Park, a sublime eco-park where incredible escapades await.

From: $ 84.00 tour details
Las Gatas (Ixtapa)

Zihuatanejo’s secluded bays and white-sand beaches beckon visitors to get ready to leave behind the crowds to experience Ixtapa’s quiet beauty. You, too, can get away from it all with a special trip to an isolated bay, accessible mainly by boat. Relax on a serene beach nestled by a lush tropical landscape and turquoise blue waters in the Playa Las Gatas Ixtapa getaway.

From: $ 37.00 tour details

Exploring the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo resort area becomes magical when you board a 75-foot dual-hulled sailboat for a sailing sunset Ixtapa cruise. You might even spot dolphin pods playfully dart about and migrating whales breech nearby on your evening excursion that includes a light dinner.

From: $ 59.00 tour details
Coyuca Lagoon Tour (Acapulco)

Escape the bustling Acapulco for the countryside where you will discover the cliff-side beauty of the Pacific Coast and the Coyuca Lagoon. Surrounded by palm trees, Mexican flora and fauna and water hyacinths, this picturesque lagoon is the setting of some Hollywood movies, including the earlier “Tarzan” films. Find yourself deep in the jungle, just minutes from the city on this Coyuca Lagoon tour.

From: $ 71.00 tour details
ATVs (Puerto Vallarta)

Book this tour now and get 10% off! With an all-terrain journey across the Sierra Madre ranges, there really "ain’t no mountain high enough." You can scale heights with a side-helping of speed on this Vallarta ATV tour. Jump in the driver’s seat, buckle up and get ready to see some panoramic views of Puerto Vallarta and beyond the Banderas Bay. Finish up with a little taste of traditional tequila and dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to base.

From: $ 71.00 tour details
Zip Lines (Ixtapa)

Adventure lovers will get their kicks with this soaring excursion high above the trees in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico. This thrilling adventures takes all ages on an ecological tour of Ixtapa from the secure lines traversing across the trees. In total, you will have a chance to fly across 11 zip lines, as well as trample across hanging bridges.

From: $ 57.00 tour details

Acapulco is known worldwide for its brave and fearless cliff divers, gracefully launching from the La Quebrada gorge into the sea. Do not miss your chance to watch the delicate balance between diving and the rough sea crashing into rocks below with a special dinner overlooking the gorge that features cliff divers, Acapulco style.

From: $ 69.00 tour details

Catch a radiant sun setting into the Pacific Ocean on a special Acapulco sunset cruise on the Aca Rey yacht. You’ll dance to live music and drink from an open bar during your sail of Acapulco Bay. A luxurious catamaran will keep the wind in your hair while you take pictures of the gorgeous scenery of Las Playas and La Roqueta Island, as the sky fades from blue to shades of purple, pink, orange and red.

From: $ 28.00 tour details
City Tour Special (Acapulco)

Acapulco is filled with so much fun for its visitors — how can you see and do it all? On a special Acapulco city tour! It showcases the area’s highlights, including tropical gardens, arts and crafts markets, and, of course, the famed cliff divers of Quebrada. This four-hour sightseeing adventure takes you around Acapulco’s Scenic Highway for the best and brightest of the Pacific Coast town.

From: $ 33.00 tour details
City Tour Ixtapa (Ixtapa)

Leave the white, sandy beaches and turquoise waters for another day and set off to explore a sleepy fishing town that is full of charm on an Ixtapa city tour. You will catch the panoramic views of the sea and the mountains while roaming the colorful and cobbled streets of a city that dates back more than 500 years on this half-day getaway.

From: $ 39.00 tour details

Live an amazing eco-adventure you will always remember: An Outback and Camel Safari Tour in Cabo San Lucas! Ride a camel along the beach in Rancho San Cristobal, keeping an eye out for whales in the distance, and enjoy a Mexican meal with a tequila tasting. A voyage into Baja California’s outback!

From: $ 103.00 tour details
City Tour PH (Huatulco)

Leave the hustle and bustle of Huatulco behind with a magical city visit to its smaller, neighboring villages. You will explore authentic Mexican markets, coastal towns with charm, and colorful churches and architecture. This Huatulco city tour with shopping will guide you through La Crucecita Bay and the town of Santa Cruz.

From: $ 33.00 tour details

Anyone can visit the beaches of Huatulco, but not everyone takes the path toward the unexpected and discovers its riches inland. Discover Huatulco’s environment on a turtles and crocs (that’s short for crocodiles!) tour. Hop aboard a large canoe and enjoy a day surrounded by the green beauties of the Mexican Pacific.

From: $ 52.00 tour details
Catamaran Day and Snorkel (Riviera Maya, Cancun)

Set sail on a beautiful 65-foot catamaran to discover some of the most spectacular and unforgettable snorkeling spots in the Riviera Maya and the world. Soak up the sun and relax in the sea breeze while admiring the vibrant colors of the Mexican Caribbean.

From: $ 94.00 tour details
Caribbean Combo (Cozumel)

Leave your worries by the shore, because you are about to enjoy the Caribbean Combo in Cozumel. Do the math: the open sea lies before you, while you kick back on a 65-foot catamaran. That equals one chilled day out. You will sail the wide ocean, before stopping at a perfect spot for snorkeling where you will have a delightful dip among the fish. Then grab a drink and take in the sights as you head back to shore. Rest, relax, explore. Simple.

From: $ 48.00 tour details
Cozumel Highlights by Truck (Riviera Maya, Cancun, Cozumel)

Mexico’s largest island is a rich Eden of tropical jungle, exotic animals and mystical Maya culture. Experience a safari-style sightseeing trip to this jewel on the Mexican Caribbean, exploring Cozumel’s Highlights by Truck as well as snorkeling at a stunning beach.

From: $ 110.00 tour details
Extreme Adventure (Puerto Vallarta)

Raise your hand if you like some extreme adventures. If your hand is up, here are some great news for you! Get all the spills, thrills and cool water chills you can handle with Extreme Adventures in Puerto Vallarta. With Mexico’s longest (and fastest!) zip line, water slides, all-terrain vehicles and rappelling on hand, the only thing you have to worry about is where to begin!

From: $ 103.00 tour details
Pirates Night (Cozumel)

Ahoy, shipmates! It is time to leave those land-lubbers behind and embark on your very own pirate adventure. This swash-buckling cruise might not leave you with a pocket full of gold, but you might get a bottle of rum (or two). Are you ready for some breathtaking ocean sunsets? On the Cozumel pirate ship cruise, all you have to bring is your sense of adventure!

From: $ 0.00 tour details
Xichen Deluxe (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel)

Looking for a fascinating guided tour to a sacred city filled with Mayan culture? This all-inclusive Xichen Deluxe tour to Chichen Itza will take you to the most representative ancestral city of the Mayan culture. A truly historical excursion, it will take you through ancient cities and villages that tell a fascinating story, but ends with absorbing the natural beauty of a Mayan cenote. Chichen Itza has been officially declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO — so you know it is going to be good!

From: $ 103.00 tour details
Tulum Discovery Express (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel)

If you have a taste for dramatic landscapes, then discover the mysteries hidden in Tulum. It is the only walled city built by the ancient Mayans and is wonderfully preserved. Set against the turquoise sea, this dazzling combination of nature and history is something you will remember forever! So all aboard the Tulum discovery express to learn all about this fascinating civilization.

From: $ 54.00 tour details
Outdoor Adventure (Los Cabos)

Fly above the Boca de la Sierra Biosphere Reserve on this outdoor adventure tour in Los Cabos! Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as you enjoy a UNESCO protected ecosystem. The breathtaking views provide a stunning backdrop for adventure as you climb, rappel, fly with a zip line and more. Then you will cross the desert in a UTV buggy, before heading back to normal life. Buckle up and get ready for fun!

From: $ 122.00 tour details

Head on this Huatulco town tour to discover an authentic side to this beautiful place in Oaxaca. You will reach 3 levels of heaven on this half day tour. First, wander the streets of a small village; second, a coffee break for a traditional brew; third, visit a nearby home and meet the locals.

From: $ 52.00 tour details
Canopy Los Veranos (Puerto Vallarta)

Looking to enjoy Mexico’s lush tropical landscape? Seeking adventure on your vacation? Consider joining one of Puerto Vallarta zip line tours, where you will merge your thrill-seeking desires with views of Puerto Vallarta’s canopies and the refreshing Orquideas River, flowing just south of the populated Vallarta vacation area.

From: $ 71.00 tour details
ATVs Adventure (Huatulco)

Hop on a powerful four-wheel drive ATV and explore Oaxaca’s jungles and mountains that make up the Huatulco area, known for its nine bays. This exciting adventure includes a chance to swim in the Pacific waters that make the area so popular for visitors, but you will also ride across rugged terrain, travel on dirt roads at high speeds, and enjoy the heavily forested mountains.

From: $ 80.00 tour details
Offroad Adventure (Puerto Vallarta)

Looking for a little adventure away from the beach while visiting Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta? Join in an Off-Road Adventure to explore the Sierra Madre Mountains and jungles outside of Puerto Vallarta with a fun and challenging course before setting off on foot for a nature hike that gets you deeper into the Mexican landscape and ecosystem.

From: $ 94.00 tour details
Sea and Sun Diosa (Huatulco)

As gorgeous as your resort beach or Oaxaca’s local beaches can be, nothing beats visiting the quiet, isolated beaches accessible only by boat. Truly immerse yourself with this adventure full of sea and sun while it takes you to numerous private beaches, stunning scenery, rock formations, and coral reefs and sealife you can explore by snorkeling.

From: $ 52.00 tour details
Combo Tour (Ixtapa)

Experience the heritage and history of two of Mexico’s most outstanding Pacific coast towns: Zihuatanejo, a former fishing village that maintains its charm even as the population has grown in size, and Petatlan, where miracles are said to take place. This combo tour explores both towns and features a traditional lunch for you to enjoy.

From: $ 68.00 tour details
Huatulco Paradise (Huatulco)

Discover the natural beauty of Oaxaca on this exciting Huatulco snorkeling and rafting adventure with an Aztec mud bath. Enjoy the beauty of Mexico by snorkeling Oaxaca’s ocean coastline, gliding down the Copalita River, and bathing in the mineral-rich mud baths where the river and ocean join together as one.

From: $ 61.00 tour details
Pyramids (Huatulco)

Explore the Mexican ruins and birds of Huatulco at Bocana del Rio Copalita’s eco-archaeological park, and uncover Oaxaca’s past. History and bird lovers will especially love this site, located just 10 miles from Huatulco. Enjoy this new archaeological reserve and its stunning views, from the river across a variety of landscapes, to cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

From: $ 47.00 tour details
Discover Yelapa (Puerto Vallarta)

Leave the hustle and bustle of busy Puerto Vallarta behind for a daytrip to a remote area of Mexico, filled with lush mountain jungles, waterfalls, wildlife and blue seas. Yelapa, “where the waters come together,” is an untouched fishing village, and a visit to this beautiful area provides a deeper glimpse into the heart of coastal Mexico.

From: $ 80.00 tour details
Local Villages (Huatulco)

Head to the outskirts of Huatulco and visit the town of “Old Huatulco,” Santa Maria Huatulco on a relaxing tour that will explore Mexican culture and colonial history. You will encounter locals, learn about tortilla making, weaving textiles and Mezcal while taking in the scenery that is made up of rivers, mountains and the beautiful Bay of Santa Cruz.

From: $ 52.00 tour details

Join a private sunset cruise and experience a romantic evening with your loved one, far removed from the crowds of Oaxaca’s beaches. Take in the quiet beauty aboard a boat as the sun sets into the Pacific Ocean, witnessing incredible sea life while enjoying plenty of drinks.

From: $ 26.00 tour details
All prices in US dollars, taxes included