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Published on July 25th, 2013 | by Emilio Canales

Organic Market in San Jose del Cabo

The Organic Market in San Jose del Cabo is a wonderful place for a family outing, where kids can be safe in a friendly environment. It is also an ideal way of spending a day out with your significant other or a couple of friends, where local products and art are presented by a multicultural community. Every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM producers of organic goods gather to promote local agriculture, handicrafts, music, and educational resources.

Organic Market in Los Cabos

Savor local food at the Organic Market

This market is made particularly special because it is so varied: both visitors and local producers come from many different origins! Many kinds of food can be found there, all of them prepared with local products. You can find fish and machaca burritos, ceviche, salads, organic fruit and vegetable juices, organic ice creams, and traditional dishes such as tamales, among other many things!

Within the market you can also find beautiful art, fine jewelry, and handicrafts made with leather, wood, and other materials. All these wonderful products are crafted by local artists, some of which come from abroad, but have already been adopted by the Los Cabos’ community.

The organic market reflects all that is grown, produced, and created in our local area. If you find yourself in Los Cabos, don’t hesitate to come! If you wish to go shopping for souvenirs, this is the ideal spot!

Organic Market

Find handicrafts by local artists

It is located only a 5-minute walk from the historic downtown of San Jose del Cabo. You can explore the beautiful streets of the area and spend an amazing time at the organic market with some good live music. Walk around the organic fruit and vegetable stands, delight in a local meal, drink a healthy organic juice, buy original handicrafts at great prices, or simply have a nice time in a quiet place with a happy and smooth environment!

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